Best Lashes for Prominent Eyes

Having prominent eyes makes for a striking look associated with Hollywood’s most intriguing beauties, like Mila Kunish and Kat Dennings. The only trouble with having prominent eyes? Framing them in a flattering way requires a balancing act. 

When choosing flattering lashes for prominent eyes, look for styles that offer subtle enhancement and will also suit your other features. In this guide, we’ll explain exactly what you should look for and give you a ton of stunning options for the best lashes for protruding eyes. 

What Are Prominent Eyes?

Prominent eyes, sometimes also referred to as protruding eyes, sit slightly more forward in the eye socket. You may notice that your eyelid or the skin directly below your lower lash line bulges forward a little. 

It’s pretty easy to tell if you have prominent eyes. Look at your side profile in the mirror or take a picture - you might need a friend to help. The main sign is that your eyes stick out past the crease of your eye and the lower hollow of your eye socket. They might align with protruding facial features, like your brows and cheekbones. 

If your eyes stick out significantly, consider speaking to your doctor or an ophthalmologist. Bulging eyes can be a sign of underlying health issues

Remember that your prominent eyes can also have features of other eye shapes. Contrary to some sources, prominent eyes can be round or almond, upturned or downturned, and close-set or wide-set.

Lashes For Prominent Eyes

There are many excellent lashes for prominent eyes. Your eye shape can handle many different lash styles and distribution patterns. From wispy doll eyelashes to sultry cat eyes, you can let your aesthetic guide many of your lash choices! 

That said, there are a couple of major pitfalls to avoid. First, avoid lashes with a strong curve, commonly known as a U-curl, in lash extensions, as they can make your eyes seem puffy. All Lilac St. extensions are between a C and D curl, which is universally flattering.

Second, avoid very large lashes, as the added heft could make your eyes seem too protruding. Exactly what counts as too large depends on your eyes' size, but generally, small-to-medium length and volume levels are a safe choice. 

Another tip we have is to keep the type of drama separate. That means that if you want voluminous lashes, keep them short. If you want long lashes, opt for wispy and delicate styles. 

Finally, consider other aspects of your eye shape and whether they’ll also play a part in your choice of lashes. For example, if your eyes are rounded and protruding, you may want more length on the outer corner of your lash line, whereas you might prefer a more rounded lash map if your eyes are almond-shaped.

DIY Extensions For Prominent Eyes

When your eyes protrude, Lilac St. DIY lash extensions are a comfortable option that lets you get very creative. They’re designed to stay put on your lashes for days with minimal maintenance, saving you time and money.  

Our lash extensions come in clusters that fit securely to the underside of your lashes to ensure a very comfortable fit. You can adjust your lash map with different lengths and DIY extension styles to create uniquely flattering looks. 

Because our DIY lashes are available in several lengths, you can select the exact lengths that’ll look most balanced with your eyes. Here are our favorite Lilac St. lashes for prominent eyes.


Inspired by their namesake, our Prism lashes feature thin fibers in a crisscrossing pattern that creates maximum movement and dimension. The result is a soft, wispy, and eye-catching lash. The delicate nature of these lashes means you can even experiment with longer lashes than normal. 


Our delicate Feather lashes are a soft and wispy option that effortlessly flatters prominent eyes. The design features two criss-crossing, flared-out clusters on each lash segment, creating a defined, staggered effect for a bold yet soft look. 


Soft, wispy, and natural, Dawn are our most subtle lashes for prominent eyes. You might appreciate their air-light vibe if you have very large, prominent eyes. They add softness to your look and enhance your eyes delicately without ever overwhelming them. 


If you want a little more glamor, the Hollywood lashes will help you achieve it in a very balanced way. They have a design that marries a spiky lash distribution with the softness of wispy criss-crossing at the base. They create a noticeable eyeliner effect, helping push the fullest part of your lid back slightly while allowing your eyes to stand out. 


Our lush and fluttery Volume lashes are a sumptuous option. They’re quite dense at the base but still have some lightness, thanks to flaring at the top. This also results in an eyeliner effect that beautifully enhances and emphasizes prominent eyes. Since these lashes are quite full, stick to the medium or shorter lengths to ensure a balanced look. 

False Eyelashes For Prominent Eyes

If you’re interested in simple falsies, these are the best lashes for protruding eyes that you can try. 

Kiss My Lash But Better All Mine

These ultra-pretty lashes from Kiss combine the best aspects of rounded and cat-eye-style lashes to create a look that opens and elongates the eyes. They’re great for prominent eyes because they offer just a bit of well-placed volume to enhance the eyes. The 10 mm length means they’re light, comfy, and flattering. 

House of Lashes Serene Lite

Comfortable and lightweight, House of Lashes Serene Lite are wonderful daily lashes with a twist. We like these lashes for prominent eyes because they have some edginess but are still pretty airy and soft-looking. While they won’t overpower your eyes, they do have a rounded shape for an eye-opening effect. 

Velour Lashes Secret Weapon 

If you love a sultry cat-eye, Secret Weapon is the pair of lashes to consider. They elongate the eye beautifully with a gradient of 6 mm to 12 mm fibers. The fibers are slightly crisscrossed with a flare for a more soft and fluttery look, but there’s enough volume to ensure you feel fancy. 

Eyelash Application Tips For Prominent Eyes

These quick tips will help you easily apply your lashes to achieve a more flattering look! 

  • If you are wearing strip lashes, curve the base to ensure the band is flexible. This way, it will fit easily against your prominent eyelid and be less likely to lift at the corners. 
  • When wearing DIY extensions, you can experiment by combining different extension styles and lengths in one lash map. 
  • With the rest of your makeup, opt for medium-tone or matte colors on your lid. Smoky eyes are often a safe bet for protruding eye shapes! 

Final Thoughts

The best lashes for prominent eyes will add the perfect enhancement level without making your eyes seem puffy or bulging. You can’t go wrong with natural lashes, but you might need to choose between length and volume when you want more drama. Opt for wispy or staggered designs that maintain a light, airy look when in doubt. 

DIY lash extensions are always a safe bet. They allow you to be your lash stylist and to enjoy your lash look for days at a time with minimal maintenance.

Maya Adivi Makeup artist, Beauty Writer

Maya Adivi is a makeup artist and beauty writer originally from Toronto, Canada. She’s passionate about all things makeup, skincare, and beauty. She takes a science-based approach to writing, ignoring the marketing buzz in favor of facts and results.