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About Lilac St.

Lovingly designed.


Handmade lashes.

For infinite looks to strike fire in your heart.

Take a walk down Lilac St.

At Lilac St., we’re inspired by the limitless facets and possibilities that make up each of us. We believe that courage and rebellion should be celebrated, and that individual differences are a force for good in the world around us. Our name comes from the street art alley in San Francisco that our founder’s apartment backed up to, where local artists spray paint everything from colorful tags to fierce female warriors to expansive murals.

In the age of mass manufactured beauty and filters that make everyone look the same, we want to be your breath of fresh air. We encourage everyone to express the infinite multitudes of who they are. Through the lens of lashes, we see how the looks you choose to wear go so much further than skin deep. The looks we choose show who we are: brilliant and brave and willing to be different from all the rest.

We respect artistry

Our lashes are vegan and cruelty-free, made with 100% premium korean silk pbt. Each lash segment is hand arranged by experienced lash artisans and bonded with body-safe glue and cotton thread. Similarly, our glues and other lash accessories are all formulated with an intense focus on efficacy, safety, and using only the highest quality ingredients.

We empower all

Giving back is in our DNA. For every subscription box we send out, a portion of the proceeds are shared with our non-profit partners to support individual girls (or other children facing particular barriers to education) in sub-Saharan Africa and India. In addition, understanding the potential for lashes to create joy, we donate lashes to underprivileged girls’ shelters based in the US.

Alicia photo

Meet our founder, Alicia

When lash salons started closing for safety at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, I felt helpless and panicked while trapped at home. Like many, I stopped wearing jeans and makeup, and over time started losing all my habits of self care.

I didn’t realize how important those habits are until I didn’t have them. While beauty is sometimes portrayed as vain and superficial, I now know that beauty routines are important practices of self-love, admiration, and respect.

I took matters into my own hands. I searched high and low for products I could use to deliver salon-quality extension effects. There were very few at-home extensions companies available at the time, and none with the type of products I needed. So I set out - naively, and with a small amount of my own savings - to build the small business I wished existed.

Today, the bud of this humble idea is blooming as Lilac St. We owe so much to our incredible community of supporters. We’ll try to give you as much as you’ve given us, keeping up our commitment to deliver the highest quality products infused with deep care and thoughtful design.

I hope from the bottom of my heart that our products can bring a smile to your face, a boost of confidence in your walk, and the courage to do that one thing you’ve always wanted to…