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Follow our video tutorial for how to apply Lilac lashes

If it feels hard at first,
don't give up!
It takes most people a couple of applications before everything clicks. Have some patience and practice, and soon lash application will start to feel like second nature. For our experienced customers, it only takes a few minutes per eye to put on a full set of lashes!

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The Short Version

  1. Clean your eyelashes thoroughly.
  2. Apply Lilac Lash glue to your lashes as you would mascara while focusing on the base of your lashes.
  3. Give the glue about 15 seconds to get tacky. The PRO glue doesn't require a waiting period.
  4. Pick up your first segment with the applicator and apply it to your natural lashes.
  5. Repeat for all segments and slightly overlap to ensure a seamless look.
  6. Swipe a thin layer of Lilac Lash Crystal Coat to the inside of the applicator and fuse the segments and your lashes together to seal the bond.
  7. Finish with a light coat of Lilac Lash Crystal Coat over the entire surface of your lashes.

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If the lashes are sticking to your applicator when you are fusing them together, you may have gotten too much glue on the applicator. You can use a little alcohol to wipe the applicator off and try again.

You can also try putting Crystal Coat on the applicator to stop the lashes from sticking to it.

Make sure you are applying glue, not just on the spines of the segments, but also to the corners to ensure adhesion when overlapping.


Your lashes can last up to 5-7 days, so plan to change them out in about a week. If they loosen sooner, you can dab a little glue and re-apply the lash segments.

Avoid washing your lashes directly, especially with oil-based soaps or makeup remover. Carefully wash around the lash area with a washcloth and gently pat dry. Unless you're using our Lilac Lash Bath kit. Once your lashes are dry, fuse them with your applicator to seal the bond again.

Wearing a sleep mask will help prevent the rubbing of your lashes while you sleep.