What sets the Lilac St. lash system apart?

We are tirelessly focused on sourcing the best materials and most talented lash artisans to produce the highest quality, most natural-looking and comfortable DIY lash extensions on planet earth. Our obsession for products runs even further through all our custom formulations for lash glues, sealant, primer, and other accessories. We are committed to creating the most effective, safe lash solutions that have ever existed.

What are your lashes made of?

100% vegan and cruelty-free premium korean silk pbt. Each lash segment is hand arranged by experienced lash artisans and bonded with body-safe glue and cotton thread.

How long do Lilac St. lashes last?

Durability depends on lifestyle and individual body chemistry, but most of our customers get about 3-6 days of wear with our regular lash glues, and 5-10 days of wear with our PRO lash glues. Our lashes can be also be cleaned and reused if desired.

How do I choose the best lashes for my eye shape and style?

We encourage everyone to experiment with all our styles and lengths to surprise yourself with what looks you might like! But for a little direction getting started, we also have an eye shape guide with some example looks to get your creative juices flowing.

How can I apply Lilac St. lashes?

Please see our how-to page here! There's a bit of learning curve, but most folks get the hang of it by their 3rd application. We recommend having some patience and leaving yourself plenty of time to apply during your first time. It gets easier pretty quickly from there!

How does the Lilac St. subscription work?

Save up to 45% on all lashes by putting a ring on it through our subscription membership program 💍  More details available here.


How do I redeem Rewards?

You can redeem Rewards anytime by clicking the “Rewards” button in the bottom left corner—just be sure you’ve signed into your Lilac St. account first. Once you redeem a reward, your Reward Code will appear.

Where can I see my points?

Your point total can be found on your Account page and our Rewards page.

Where do I enter my Reward Code?

Redeeming a Reward Code is quick and easy—just like our other Discount Codes, you’ll type it in at Checkout. Please note that Reward Codes will only apply to the specific Reward Item you selected.

Can I claim multiple Rewards in one order?

Unfortunately, our Codes are not stackable and cannot be used with Gift Cards at this time.

Where can I find my Rewards Codes?

Your Rewards are just a couple of clicks away. They can be found at the bottom of our Rewards Page under “My Rewards”—we also send them straight to your inbox for easy access. 

Why is my Reward not working?

Our Reward Codes are tailored just for your Lilac St. account, so be sure you signed in before using them. However, please note that Discount Codes are not compatible with Subscription orders or other codes. If this doesn’t solve your problem, 

drop us a line at hello@lilacst.com—we’d be happy to help.

Can I transfer my discount code to someone else?

Although we are all about spreading the Lilac Love, our Reward Codes are account-specific and non-transferable.