Best Lashes For Downturned Eyes

There are very few accessories or makeup products out there that transform the face as dramatically as false lashes. For those with downturned eyes, eyelashes can have an especially big impact.  

Downturned eyes bring to mind the puppy dog look popular in Korea or the sultry heroines of the Golden Age of Hollywood. In many cases, however, women with downturned eyes complain that their eye shape makes them look a little sad. If that’s one of your main concerns, the best lashes for downturned eyes will help your eyes look a little perkier. Keep reading to find out how!  

What Are Downturned Eyes?

Downturned eyes are angled slightly downwards at the outer corner. You can easily tell that this is your eye shape if the outer corner of your eyes sits below the inner corner. 

If you find it hard to determine by looking, you can actually measure this. Use a thin makeup brush as a ruler. While looking in the mirror, hold it straight over your face, lining it up with the inner corners of each eye. If the outer corner of your eye dips below the brush, you’ll know you have downturned eyes.

Lashes For Downturned Eyes

There's a fine line between lashes that lift your eyes and lashes that close them off, so here are our tips for finding lashes that are just perfect. 

• Always look for lashes with a subtle gradual flare, so that the lash hairs are slightly longer and more voluminous on the outer corner of the eye.
• Be careful with very long lashes, however. While the progression in length is important, going too long on the outer corner can close off your eye (especially if the lashes aren’t well-trimmed). 

• If you do want ultra-long lashes, look for a spikey or fluttery style with mixed lash lengths. That’ll add the dynamic touch that prevents the lashes from overwhelming your eyes.  

DIY Extensions

DIY extensions are the secret to a customizable lash look that always keeps you looking snatched. Unlike strip lashes, DIY extensions stay in place for many days in a row. You’ll be able to enjoy the way they flatter your eye shape without having to fuss with falsies on a daily basis. 
The Lilac St. DIY extensions come in sets of small clusters, so you can create whatever design you like. Here are some of our suggestions to suit downturned eyes, specifically.


This simple look with the Lilac St. Originals draws attention to the eyes while also giving them a small lift. The Originals are universally flattering, with a natural design and medium volume. Each lash cluster has enough length variation to never overwhelm the eye.

This lash map relies on an ultra-gradual flare, starting with 8 mm lashes in the inner corner and slowly increasing up to 14 mm on the outer corner. This design is ideal for balancing a downturned eye and making it seem more upturned.  



This look features the Lilac St. Feather lashes, which are natural and fluttery, with a relatively uniform length in each cluster. It’s the perfect way to channel your inner Marylin Monroe, who also had downturned eyes.
This look works because of the subtle and gradual increase in length in the inner corner with the Originals. Then, the three 12 mm Feather clusters on the outer half of the lash line complete the look. 

Arranged in this style, it’s ideal for giving downturned eyes a lift without explicitly looking like a flared lash. It’s also one of the ways of making lashes with minimal length variation still look amazing. Any shorter, and they won’t have much of an impact, but any longer and they could close off the outer corner of your eye, making it look more downturned.  


When you want to go all out, the spikiness of the Hollywood lashes is fantastic on the outer corners. These extensions give a voluminous look that works particularly well with downturned eyes. 
Even longer clusters of these lashes won't pull your eye down on the outer corner. Each cluster is arranged so the strands on the ends are a little shorter, which is important for achieving a lifted style. In this lash map, they’re arranged in a gradual flare, with a short cluster of the Originals in the inner corner to keep things open. 

False Eyelashes

While they don’t give the same level of customizability, strip lashes are great when you want a quick transformation for one night only. These are the best strip eyelashes for downturned eyes. 

Velour Beauty For Real Though

If your main goal with your falsies is to angle your lashes upwards, it’s hard to improve on this pair from Velour Beauty. These natural-looking strip lashes are designed with a unique shape. They flare just before the outer corner while at the very end of the lash line, the strands are a little shorter. This prevents the risk of having your eyes pulled down by a long flare at the end, and provides maximum lift.


Icona Lashes Queen of Hearts

For a slightly more festive look, these Icona lashes bring the volume and lift. As with all lashes for downturned eyes, they have a gradual flare that helps raise the outer part of the lash line. They’re not overly long, but the dense combination of multi-length strands still has a big impact.

Ardell Lash Accent 301

If you’re relatively new to lashes, the Ardell Accents make life easy. These little strip lashes are designed to fit just over the outside half of the lashline. They’re more comfortable than a full strip, but they give downturned eyes that much-needed lift. The design is natural, fluttery, and just long enough to enhance but never overwhelm. 

Eyelash Application Tips for Downturned Eyes

Here are a few application tricks you should try to make sure your falsies flatter your downturned eyes.

• If your strip lashes are too long, they can actually pull your eyes downwards. Always measure and trim your lashes before putting them on.
• In general, avoid applying your lashes too far on the outer part of the lash line. Err on the side of applying them a few millimeters away from the outer corner.
• When using strip lashes, feel free to glue the outer corner slightly above your natural lash line. This is another way of helping to lift the lash line.

Maya Adivi Makeup artist, Beauty Writer

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