Best Lashes For Round Eyes

Are you the proud owner of a pair of large, round eyes? If so, finding great false lashes can be an interesting process. The best lashes for your eye shape will offer a bit of balance, without taking away from your natural, open-eyed appeal. 

To start celebrating your round eyes with great false lashes, keep reading! To start, we’ll explain what round eyes are, so you can figure out if yours fall into that category. Then, we explain the basic principles for choosing eyelash shapes to complement round eyes. Then, the fun part: We’ve selected the best DIY eyelash extensions and falsies to rock with your eye shape. 

What Are Round Eyes?

If the name hasn’t clued you in, round eyes are more circular than other eye shapes. They’re still more oval than they are round, but not by much. This eye shape looks large, open, and youthful.  

You can recognize that you have round eyes if the whites of your eyes are visible both above and below your iris when you make a neutral expression. Often, your top lash line will also have more of a curve to it when compared to others.

Lashes For Round Eyes

When selecting false lashes for round eyes, these are the basic features and shapes you need to look out for.

• Always look for a very flexible or rounded lash band, as that will make it easier to fit the false lashes over your rounded lash line. An overly straight lash strip won’t feel as comfortable, and it’ll be more likely to lift at the corners, ruining your look.

Spiky or wispy lashes will usually flatter more than lashes with uniform length distribution. 
• For a more balanced, elongated look, choose a gradual flare that will lengthen your eyes.

To make your eyes look even larger, try rounded lashes that are longer above the center of your eye. Depending on the lash style, this can create a cartoon-like look in the best way possible.

• With round eyes, you can easily get away with more dramatic eyelash styles. Long and voluminous lashes won’t overwhelm your eyes the way they would a more narrow eye shape, so don’t be afraid of length!

DIY Extensions

DIY extensions are easy to layer over a rounded lash line. Because extensions come as a set of clusters, they easily fit every lash line, no matter its curvature. Here are our favorite DIY extension combinations for round eyes.  

Feather & Doe

The Lilac St. Feather extensions are an easy choice for round eyes. They add a flutter and some length, but no heaviness. The strands on each cluster are defined, with just a hint of spiky criss-cross, which adds a nice contrast to youthful round eyes. Adding 12 mm to the outer corner helps slightly elongate round eyes, without compromising roundness.
For a softer look, they combine nicely with the Doe extensions in the inner half of the lashline. Doe are a touch more subtle than Feather, but they have the same defined effect. 

Feather & Originals

For just a touch more intensity, this is another way of combining DIY extension lashes for round eyes. The Feather extensions, once again, are the stars that give length at the outer corner of the eye. In the inner third of the lash line, Lilac St. Originals are perfect for just a hint of subtle volume. 

The slightly more extreme difference in length from the inner corner outwards elongates round eyes more dramatically. This is the style to choose if you want to create more of a fox eye, for instance.


For a look that’s pure glam, the Hollywood lashes are ideal. They have a slightly spiky, voluminous design. The spikiness of each individual cluster enhances and exaggerates the roundness of your eye shape, to complement their open look. 

In this lash map, that enhancement is balanced by the elongating effect of a gradual flare. You can keep this look dramatic with the 12 mm to 16 mm lashes, or downplay it by opting for shorter clusters. You can also use the Hollywood extensions to create an anime-eyed look, by replacing the 16 mm extensions on the end with a 12 mm cluster.

False Eyelashes

When purchasing strip lashes for round eyes, the most important thing to look for is a curvy lash band. Here are some gorgeous strip lashes with a rounded band and a flattering style, to get you started!

Icona Lashes Head Over Heels

These fluffy falsies from Icona Lashes are incredibly flattering to round eyes. They have a spiky-meets-feathery lash distribution that’s simultaneously airy yet voluminous. The design has a gradual flare that elongates the eye shape slightly, without downplaying the roundness. They’re a lovely option for day or night, thanks to a comfortable length.

Velour Beauty Dream Girl Lashes

The fun thing about having round eyes is that you can go really long. The Dream Girl lashes from Velour Beauty would overwhelm most eye shapes, but they’ll work with yours. Their design is super-fluffy and long, so save them for special occasions. They have just enough flare to stay balanced, but they are also long enough at the center of the lash line to emphasize just how big and round your eyes are.

House of Lashes Stella Luxe

If you’re in the mood to put out anime character vibes, these are the lashes to try. From House of Lashes, Stella Luxe has a rounded style that’ll emphasize your eye shape. They’re longest in the center, which makes the eyes look wider and more open.

However, the fluttery, criss-cross lash distribution keeps the style grounded in reality. You can take inspiration from this lash style to create your own rounded lash map with DIY extensions.

Eyelash Application Tips for Round Eyes

It’s important to choose appropriate lashes for your eye shape, but it’s also key that you apply them correctly. Here are our tips specifically to help those with round eyes.

• Take your time curving and manipulating the lash band, to ensure that it’s comfortable on your rounded lash line.
• You can just bend it with your hands, but if you have a band that feels especially stiff, curve it over a pencil, and let it sit like that for 5-10 minutes.
• With a rounded lash line, you’re at risk of giving your eyes a downturned appearance. To avoid this, be careful and don’t apply the lashes too far along your outer corner.

Final Thoughts

When you have round eyes, false eyelashes can have a huge impact. The best false lashes for round eyes offer balance, but you’re allowed to break the rules. Customizable DIY lash extensions put the power in your hands while owning a few pairs of false lashes lets you change your style from day to day.

So whether you open for eye-elongating styles or for rounded shapes that’ll make your eyes seem huge, we hope you have fun and let your creativity shine!

Maya Adivi Makeup artist, Beauty Writer

Maya Adivi is a makeup artist and beauty writer originally from Toronto, Canada. She’s passionate about all things makeup, skincare, and beauty. She takes a science-based approach to writing, ignoring the marketing buzz in favor of facts and results.