Best Lashes For Wide-Set Eyes

Wide-set eyes are uniquely beautiful. They have an ethereal look that’s impossible to ignore. Some of the world’s most intriguing models and actresses have wide-set eyes, so you're in very good company if this is your eye shape. 

Choosing the right makeup techniques and lashes for wide-set eyes will help you make the most out of your otherworldly beauty, whereas the wrong techniques can throw your face off balance. In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about choosing lashes for your eye shape and a few other tips.

What Are Wide-Set Eyes?

Wide-set eyes are eyes that have a lot of space between them, so they sit a little further apart than most people’s eyes. 

The easiest way to tell if you have wide-set eyes is to roughly measure the distance between the inner corners of your eyes. If the space between your eyes is wider than the length of one of your eyes, you probably have wide-set eyes. Your eyes might be just a little wide-set or very wide-set if the distance is greater. 

Wide-set eyes are always a “hybrid” eye shape. Your eyes could also be almond or round, upturned or downturned, deep-set or protruding, and have a hooded lid or a monolid. For example, Rihanna’s wide-set eyes are almond-shaped, Anya Taylor-Joy’s are round, and Halle Bailey’s are almond and slightly upturned.

Lashes For Wide-Set Eyes

Most false lashes are designed to open up the eyes - something you don’t need as a beauty with wide-set eyes. When choosing the best lashes for wide-set eyes, you’ll want to focus on options that have a little more length and volume near the inner corner of the eyes. Your safest bet is rounded or doll-eye lash extension shapes.  

Make sure to avoid cat-eye eyelashes and demi-lashes designed to only go over the outer part of your lash line. That’s because any lashes that emphasize the outer corners of the eyes will pull your eyes further apart visually.  

You still have a ton of options as far as eyelash styles and intensity! You can play around with more natural or more dramatic styles, and get inspired by everything from spiky to wispy to more classic lashes. 

DIY Extensions For Wide-Set Eyes

DIY lash extensions are a phenomenal option for wide-set eyes because they allow you to customize your look. Usually, when shopping for false lashes, you’ll have to search carefully for designs with some length and volume above the inner portion of the lash line. 

With DIY extensions, you’re in control of the style and shape. Since DIY extensions come in clusters, they’re still very easy to apply. Plus, they can stay put for days, keeping your eyes stunningly framed and balanced. 


Bold and dynamic but still subtle, our Feather lashes are an excellent choice for those with wide-set eyes. They have a staggered length that’s not overly textured, resulting in a striking look that those with wide-set eyes can pull off effortlessly. You can feel confident wearing one length all along your lash line or try a doll-eye lash style 


The Lilac St. extensions in Daydream are airy and playful, making for a beautiful daily lash option. The two criss-crossing V-shapes on each cluster create an eye-opening look, so those with small or hooded wide-set eyes will enjoy them the most. They’re stunning alone, or you can pair them with a few more voluminous clusters. 


When you’re in the mood for a more elevated lash look, the Volume lash extensions are guaranteed to deliver. They feature more defined, tightly packed lash fibers with subtle crisscrossing at the base to define the lash line while retaining an elegant uniformity. You can’t go wrong with this design for upscale or professional events when you want to stand out.  


The dense yet flared-out Midnight lashes are stunning on wide-set eyes. Their density is similar to our Volume extensions, but they splay slightly at the top for a fluttery allure. Wear them all along the lash line for an intense look, or use them to enhance volume in combination with our Daydream lashes. 


Reminiscent of classic lash extensions, the Uptown DIY eyelashes feature three wispy lash bunches per cluster. The look is slightly separated, marrying softness with a bold mod touch. For those with wide-set eyes, having the added definition and separation in the inner corner is extremely flattering. You can pair them with our denser Volume lashes in the center or outer corner for a dynamic look while maintaining the same length along the lash line. 

False Eyelashes For Wide-Set Eyes

The main benefit of false eyelashes is that they’re a one-and-done application, perfect for when you only want temporary lash enhancement. Thanks to their rounded and natural shapes, all of the following lashes are excellent for wide-set eyes, and they come in varying levels of intensity to suit your personal style! 

Velour Lashes in Sweetheart

If you'd prefer more demure lashes for wide-set eyes, Sweetheart from Velour Lashes is perfect. These soft, delicate lashes mimic natural lash distribution flawlessly, adding just a bit more oomph. They feature a blended mix of lengths for a wispy look, but critically, there is still some length in the inner corner.

They have a ¾ lash band, making them a suitable option even for those with smaller eyes.

Kiss Lash Couture Luxtension in Royal Silk

For those with wide-set eyes looking for the perfect day-to-night pair of lashes, Royal Silk are an excellent option. They’re part of the Kiss Lash Couture range, which features ultra-lightweight lashes with laser-cut elements and eye-catching designs. 

These lashes have a rounded shape. The lashes are longest over the center of the lash line but with plenty of lengthy fibers in the inner and outer corners as well. The flared-out clusters and staggered length enhance the eyes in a dynamic way that won’t feel heavy.

Lilly Lashes in Lyla 

The dramatic Lilly Lashes in Lyla are reminiscent of extreme volume styles, with dense clusters of slim, soft lash fibers. They’re full and lush, with a nearly uniform boldness from end to end of the lash line. Because these lashes are bunched in clusters, there is still softness and texture to this design. They’re ideal for wild nights out or ultra-glamorous events.

Eyelash Application Tips For Wide-Set Eyes

Follow these tips for wide-set eyes to get the most out of your lashes! 

  • When applying either false lashes or DIY extensions, bring your lashes as close to the inner corner of your eyes as you can tolerate. 
  • A single-length lash map is always a safe bet for your eye shape when using DIY lash extensions for wide-set eyes. If you’d like a uniform look, we recommend opting for our 12 mm or 14 mm lashes all along the lash line. 
  • That said, don’t be afraid to experiment! You can also try to use medium-length lashes in the inner and outer corners with longer lashes in the center of the eyes. 
  • If using false lashes, you may still need to trim the lash band to achieve a better fit. In that case, consider trimming off one or two clusters from each end of the lash strip, to maintain a rounded lash shape. 
  • Make sure the rest of your makeup is flattering, as well! If you’re wearing eyeliner, apply it all along your upper lash line, from the inner corner to just above the outer corner. 
  • For eyeshadow, experiment with shapes like “halo eyes,” using a deeper color above the inner and outer corners of the eye. 
  • Make sure that your eyebrow shape is on point, as well - if your brows are too far apart, that may make your eyes seem too wide-set. 

Final Thoughts

The right pair of false lashes for wide-set eyes can be transformative. By applying false lashes or DIY extensions with a round style, you not only enhance your eyes but also add some balance to your features. Finding false lashes with these shapes can be difficult, but DIY lash extensions let you be your lash artist, so you can always ensure your eyelashes flatter your eye shape. 

Maya Adivi Makeup artist, Beauty Writer

Maya Adivi is a makeup artist and beauty writer originally from Toronto, Canada. She’s passionate about all things makeup, skincare, and beauty. She takes a science-based approach to writing, ignoring the marketing buzz in favor of facts and results.