Best Lashes for Deep-Set Eyes

Deep-set eyes are beautiful and mysterious. If this is your eye shape, you can make the most of your natural allure by adapting and customizing your makeup to your eyes. How you style your eyelashes also plays a big part in that! The best lashes for deep-set eyes will help frame, brighten, and balance your eyes for an awakened, refreshed look that doesn’t lose any inherent sultriness. 

In this post, we’ll explain deep-set eyes and how to tell if you have them. Then, we’ll go over what you should look for in lashes for deep-set eyes and give you some of our top DIY extensions and false lash recommendations. 


What Are Deep-Set Eyes?

Deep-set eyes are eyes that sit a little further back within the skull. Because of that, the eyes can appear a little smaller or more shadowed. The crease is often quite deep, and you might also feel like you have more noticeable dark circles because of the added depth. 

You can tell if you have deep-set eyes by examining your eyes with a mirror. First, move your head from side to side to determine how deep within your skull your eyes sit. If your brow bone sticks out further than your eyes, you probably have deep-set eyes. You can also examine your crease to see how far back it sits. 

Deep-set eyes can also feature elements from other eye shapes. They can be round, almond, upturned, downturned, and more. Developing a more hooded crease with age is common, making your eyes feel even more shadowed. 

Those with deep-set eyes often feel tired, but the right eye makeup (including lashes) can help open up and refresh your eyes.

Lashes for Deep-Set Eyes

The best lashes for deep-set eyes will help open your eyes and pull them forward without adding unflattering shadows. 

To that end, avoiding too dense and uniform lashes is important, especially near the center of the lash line or the inner corners of the eyes. Instead, look for lashes with fluttery, whispy, or spiky lash distribution patterns. 

Choose lashes with an impressive C, D, or L curl so that they can extend nicely beyond your crease.  

You can play around with different types of lash extension shapes, taking into account other aspects of your eye shape. For example, if your eyes are more rounded or downturned, you can choose a cat-eye shape, whereas if your eyes are more almond-shaped, you might prefer a doll-eye style.

DIY Extensions for Deep-Set Eyes

DIY extensions are perfect for deep-set eyes. They adhere from below the lash line, which ensures a more comfortable fit. A single application can last several days, replacing finicky false lashes or expensive professional extensions. 

These fluttery and wispy Lilac St. extensions are our best lashes for deep-set eyes. 


Fluffy, soft, and defined - the Feather lashes are ideal for those with deep-set eyes who want a soft-glam or natural look. Each segment features two defined clusters of lashes with wispy, staggered lengths. They’ll emphasize your beautiful eyes without shadowing them or weighing them down.


Here comes the drama! The Lilac St. Hollywood lashes are the best lashes for deep-set eyes seeking a high-glam look. Thanks to the clever criss-crossing technique, they create an eyeliner effect that makes the eyes look bigger. The spiky length variation keeps them from looking heavy but adds an edginess to the look.

Arranged in this style, it’s ideal for giving downturned eyes a lift without explicitly looking like a flared lash. It’s also one of the ways of making lashes with minimal length variation still look amazing. Any shorter, and they won’t have much of an impact, but any longer and they could close off the outer corner of your eye, making it look more downturned.  


The soft and sweet Prism lashes are ideal for a romantic look. Thanks to their flared-out lash distribution, they look ultra-soft, voluminous, and airy. They have enough multidimensionality to feel glamorous but in a very soft and feminine way. 


You can never go wrong with the Lilac St. Originals. This was our first design with a natural vibe. The criss-crossing, evenly-spaced lashes create a classic lash look that’s universally flattering. They’re a great option if you prefer a clean and elegant look but still need the lightness near the lash line.


If even the Hollywood lashes aren’t glam enough for your tastes, give Icon a try. These ultra-voluminous lashes still have the staggered lash distribution that keeps your eyes shining bright. The individual fibers are thin but tightly packed for that lush Russian volume feel.

False Eyelashes for Deep-Set Eyes

If you’d like some one-off, one-and-done glam, these are some of our favorite false lashes for deep-set eyes

Lilly Lashes in Lavish

The beautiful Lavish lashes from Lilly Lashes offer a nice balance of glamor and flutter. They’re soft and multi-dimensional, with a lot of movement. They have a doll-eye, rounded lash distribution style that helps open the eyes. They’re long, with 15 mm bristles, but they’re made of light mink that won’t weigh down the eyes.

Velour Beauty in For Real Though? 

If you’re aiming for a more natural vibe, consider the delicate For Real Though? lashes from Velour. They’re a flattering option for most eye shapes, with textured density in the center that helps open the eyes. For those with deep-set eyes, they’re long enough to balance your brow bone. The ¾ length band will fit comfortably over your lash line without trim.  

House of Lashes in Limitless 

From House of Lashes, Limitless is a gorgeous pair of cat-eye lashes that will flatter deep-set eyes. These fluttery, textured lashes have a graduated length for a sexy cat-eye effect, with shorter lashes in the inner corner ensuring an open-eye effect. 

Eyelash Application Tips for Deep-Set Eyes

We have a few tips for applying your DIY extensions or false lashes for deep-set eyes in a way that will flatter your eye shape the most. 

  • Always choose smaller lashes for the area near the inner corner of your eye. Choosing overly long or dense lashes for that area could cast shadows over your eyes. 
  • If you’re looking for something more natural and subtle, apply your false lashes or DIY extensions to only the outer third of your lash line. This can pull your eye upwards nicely, leaving the area over the lid more visible.  
  • When applying falsies, make sure to tilt the lashes upwards so that they have more of a lift. You don’t want the lashes to sit too horizontally over your eyes. 
  • Don’t feel restricted to a specific lash distribution pattern! Even with deep-set eyes, you can still play around with doll-eye and cat-eye shapes, especially if you consider other elements of your eye shape.  
  • The “squirrel” or “natural” lash shape is another great option. It keeps the lashes in the outer corner of the eye a little shorter while the next cluster is longer. This surprisingly lifts since longer lashes in the outer corner can sometimes pull the eye downwards. 
  • Don’t forget to do the rest of your makeup in a flattering way to fit your eye shape. You’ll benefit from using lighter colors on your eyelids and applying your crease shades above the actual crease line. 

Final Thoughts

When shopping for lashes for deep-set eyes, remember to look for designs with some length variation that aren’t too heavy or dense near the lash line. These lashes will have an eye-opening effect that’ll help you feel glamorous and youthful. If you’d like to try lashes that will stay put for days without costing you an arm and a leg, consider our range of DIY lash extensions at Lilac St! 

Maya Adivi Makeup artist, Beauty Writer

Maya Adivi is a makeup artist and beauty writer originally from Toronto, Canada. She’s passionate about all things makeup, skincare, and beauty. She takes a science-based approach to writing, ignoring the marketing buzz in favor of facts and results.