Best Eyelashes For Your Eyeshape

Finding the best eyelashes for your eye shape can be a confusing process. There are thousands of different styles out there, each one different from the other. DIY extensions and individual lashes make the options literally endless since you can customize combinations by yourself. 

But how are you to know that the fake eyelashes you pick will flatter the shape of your eyes? The wrong pair can create an unflattering illusion or cast a shadow that hides your peepers.  

If you’d like to learn how to choose fake eyelashes, this guide will help, with key tips and tricks for every eye shape.

How To Find The Right False Lashes For Your Eyeshape?

To find the best eyelashes for your eye shape, you need to have a solid understanding of what eye shape you actually have! The different eye shapes vary based on the following factors:

Size: almond, round, and small

Angle of the eye and lash line: downturned and upturned

Crease type: monolids and hooded eyes

It’s also possible to have a hybrid eye shape, like hooded or monolid eyes that are also upturned or downturned. 

With each eye shape, there are different things to keep in mind when choosing fake lashes, like length, volume, overall shape, and lash distribution. Keep reading to learn what to keep in mind for your eye shape. If you have a hybrid shape, you can simply combine the recommendations. 

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Lashes For Monolid Eyes

Monolid eyes don’t have a visible crease at all. Instead, the eyelid is a little flatter, and it often hangs slightly over the lash line. This can make applying false lashes a finicky process.

When choosing lashes for monolids, the first thing to consider is the lash band. With DIY extensions, it’s not an issue. With strip lashes, though, a thick lash band won’t be comfortable at all. Instead, look for thin, flexible bands. As far as shapes and styles go, it’s all about balance. In general, keep things shorter near the inner corner of the eye. Criss-cross styles are great for adding volume without bulk. Elongated cat-eye styles will flatter you easily, but if you like a more uniform look, that can work well over the outer two-thirds of the lash line.

For more tips and some product suggestions, read our article on the best lashes for monolids

Doe & Originals

Lashes For Round Eyes

Round eyes often seem very big, and they can have an innocent and open quality about them. You can tell if you have round eyes by examining your iris when your eyes are in a neutral position. If you can see the whites of your eyes both below and above your iris then this is your eye shape. There are a few kinds of lashes that look good with your eye shape! From soft and subtle to huge and dramatic, you can have a lot of fun.

Feather & Doe
Feather & Originals

Lashes For Almond Eyes

Almond eyes are the most common eye shapes, with an oval, slightly elongated look. First, check that your eyes are neither upturned nor downturned. To do this, check that the inner and outer corners of your eye are mostly aligned.

Then, if the whites of your eyes aren’t visible above and below the iris, this is your eye shape. There are almost no restrictions when it comes to choosing fake eyelashes. Instead, it’s all about understanding what kind of impact different styles will have on your eyes. For example, softer gradient lengths will fit seamlessly with your eye shape, while more extreme flares will give you more of a fox eye. Rounded shapes with a lot of length in the middle and uniform lash distribution will create the illusion that your eyes are rounder.

If you’d like to see some more lash ideas, check out our guide on lashes for almond eyes.

Hollywood & Volume
Originals & Hollywood

Lashes For Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes have a slightly camouflaged crease. When the eyes are open, the skin above the crease protrudes or hangs down slightly, which hides your natural crease. This can make applying eye makeup a little tricky since the eyelid looks so different when closed vs. open. When choosing lashes for your eye shape, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, always stick to lashes that are shorter near the inner corner of the eye, to avoid closing them off. If you’re trying strip lashes, make sure the band is flexible enough to fit over your lash line. You aren’t restricted to specific styles, but you should be careful with more dramatic lashes. Really dense styles can overwhelm your eye, but you can get around that by selecting lashes with a blended lash distribution or criss-crossing lash strands.

Check out our complete article on lashes for hooded eyes for more tips and recommendations for your eye shape. 

Originals & Hollywood

Lashes For Small Eyes

Small eyes are simply a little smaller when compared to your other facial features. The right pair of lashes can make your eyes look bigger, while the wrong pair will cast a shadow and hide them completely. When choosing fake lashes for your eye shape, try to keep things subtle, wispy, and fluttery. Even shorter lengths will still look dramatic against your eyes, so don’t go longer than 12 mm, unless you’re looking at a very feathery style. Be prepared to measure and trim most strip lashes. This isn’t an issue with DIY extensions, thankfully. In recent years, many strip falsie brands also offer mini or ¾ bands, which can also work well with your eye shape.

For more recommendations, have a look at our lash guide for small eyes.

French Lace

Lashes for Upturned Eyes

With upturned eyes, the outer corner of your eye naturally sits a little higher than the inner corner. You can check this pretty easily by measuring with any straight object, including a makeup brush or ruler. When picking false lashes for your eye shape, always look for flexible bands, as those will be easier to align with your slightly angled lash line. As for designs, you have two choices: You can try and downplay your natural upturned-ness or you can emphasize it. For a more intense upturned look, opt for cat-eye lashes that are shortest in the inner corner and longest in the outer corner. To give your eyes a more balanced look, try styles with a uniform length or that are longer above the center of the lash line.

Have a look at our guide to the best lashes for upturned eyes for some specific lash suggestions! 

Volume & Originals

Lashes for Downturned Eyes

Downturned eyes are the opposite of upturned eyes, with an outer corner that sits lower down than the inner one. You can measure your eyes to see if they are downturned with the help of a ruler, as well. When choosing lashes for downturned eyes, be very careful with the length of your strip and cluster placement at the outer corner. Too much overhang past the end of your lash line will pull your eyes downward, so always measure and trim your strip lashes. On the other hand, a gradual flare will help pull your eyes upwards, but only as long as the longest point comes slightly before the end of your lash line. The best way to achieve this look is with spikey or fluttery styles that have a lot of mixed lengths.

We dive deeper into specific tips and product recommendations in our full guide to lashes for downturned eyes


Have Fun With It!

Once you figure out your eye shape, finding lashes can be a fun way to experiment with your look. So don’t take our advice here as strict rules! Instead, these are guidelines to help you understand how different styles impact your eyes.
You’ll be able to avoid common pitfalls and narrow down your selection when you create lash maps or shop for styles. So let our suggestions guide you towards creativity, and have fun with your lashes! Now that you’ve read through the guide, what’s your eye shape? Which lash styles do you like best for it? Let us know! 

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