Thin Eyebrow Shapes

thin eyebrow shapes

Thin eyebrow shapes are back in fashion, and the millennials amongst us are shaking! If you’re embracing this latest Y2K-inspired beauty trend, this post is for you. 

We don’t enjoy our recollections of the thin brows of the ‘90s and 2000s, but nowadays, rocking thin brows is a little different. If your brows are naturally thin or you’d like to experiment with a new look, this post is for you. We’ll cover everything you should know about thin eyebrow styles. 

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What is a Thin Eyebrow Shape?

Thin eyebrows are very narrow and tapered, without much heft. Back in the 90s and 2000s, the thin brows were often very rounded and the thickness was uniform from front to end. 

Nowadays, the thin eyebrow styles are a little more angular and arched, usually with the arch starting a little further back towards the tail (what we call a modern, back-arched style). Alternatively, flat, upward-angled brows are also very popular. 

Many women opt for a tapered look where the brows are a little thicker at the front and then become progressively thinner towards the tail. In the majority of cases, we think that’s the most flattering way to experiment with a thin eyebrow shape. 

Will a Thin Brow Shape Suit Me? 

With any eyebrow shape, it’s all about predicting how it’ll play against your features. The look generally works best on those who already have very sharp features, a la Bella Hadid who has been at the forefront of the skinny brow resurgence. 

If you have a diamond face shape or your face is just very narrow, you might have an easier time with the look. 

If you have rounder features or a hooded crease, you might have a more difficult time pulling off the look. Instead of a very thin brow, you may want to consider a groomed medium-thin brow style. 

How to Shape a Perfect Thin Eyebrow

Want to give thin brows a try? More power to you! Here are our tips on how to do it in a way that will still be modern and flattering. 

  • In order to ensure your thin brows flatter you, it’s important their shape is still fundamentally one that’ll work well with your features. So to start, identify which general eyebrow shapes are best for your face shape
  • Using a clean eyebrow brush or lash spoolie, brush your brow hairs upwards and outwards. This will allow you to see exactly how different hairs grow and overlap each other. 
  • Use eyebrow mapping (I.e., measuring your brows in relation to your nose and eyes) to determine where your brows should start and end, as well as where your arch should be.
  • If you notice any gaps or asymmetry, consider filling your brows in lightly, especially at the center and top. This will help you avoid removing hair from areas that are essential to your overall shape. 
  • Now you’re ready to thin out your brows, assuming they’re not naturally thin. If you’re just experimenting, we highly recommend removing hair with a small eyebrow razor rather than with tweezers, to ensure that the hair can grow back. 
  • When looking at your brows closely, you’ll notice that the hairs tend to grow in rows. Starting from below the brow, remove hair row by row, to ensure a neat look. 
  • After you’ve removed one row of hair, examine your look in a regular mirror, so you can see both brows at once as well as how they impact the rest of your face. Consider their overall effect before removing another row of hair. 
  • Once you’re happy with how thin your brows are from below, carefully clean up the area above the brows. Don’t remove any hair that impacts your overall brow shape - instead, focus on just cleaning up errant hairs. 

Final Thoughts 

Ultimately, sporting a thin eyebrow shape still comes with the same rules as other brows: Don’t forget the big picture, and try to keep them proportional to your features. 

And one last word of caution: We don’t expect this thin brow trend to last. Err on the side of medium-thin rather than very thin brows. If you’re still experimenting, use a brow razor rather than tweezers. That way, when styles gravitate back to thicker shapes, you know your brows will bounce back. 

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