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Eyebrow Shape for Heart Face

eyebrow shape for heart face

Who doesn’t love a heart shape? Heart shaped-faces remind us of the most recognizable symbol of love, with sweetness and delicacy. 

If you have a heart shaped face, deciding how to style your brows can be a little complicated. 

How do you accommodate such delicate features and a broader forehead? 

In this post, we’ll give our tips for the best eyebrow shapes for heart faces. 

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Heart Face 

So how can you know that you have a heart face? It’s pretty easy! Pull your hair back and look in the mirror. A heart-shaped face has a slightly wider forehead and a narrow, pointed chin. Your cheeks can be more or less prominent. 

Often, heart faces are also associated with a Widow’s peak that completes the resemblance. In practice, it’s not a fundamental aspect of this lovely face shape.

It can be hard to differentiate a heart-shaped face from a diamond or oval face. Unfortunately, apps don’t do a great job recognizing your face shape. 

Your best bet is to look at photos of celebrities with all of these different face shapes, making sure to choose photos where they don’t have hair obscuring their forehead. Compare yourself to the photos, and you should be able to figure it out easily!  

Brow Goal

Your brows should be in harmony with the rest of your facial features. Since the lower half of your face is quite delicate, you don’t want an extremely thick or severe style. At the same time, your brows should still have some presence to balance your forehead

Another factor that can impact how you shape your brows is your hairstyle. If you have bangs, you’ll be able to go softer or thinner with your brows, since you will no longer have to think about how your forehead impacts your face shape. 

That said, avoid going too thin. If you change your hairstyle, there is no guarantee that your brows will grow back. If you do find your brows are too thin for your face shape, a long-lasting eyebrow tint is your friend! 

The Perfect Eyebrow Shapes for Heart Face

When you have a heart shaped face, there are so many eyebrow shapes you can try! Consider a few of these suggestions when deciding how to style your brows. We don’t want you to feel restricted by our advice - instead, let it guide you toward a look you’ll love. 

Medium Center-Arched Brow

A brow with a medium-thick classic arch is a great look. A classic arch means that your brows reach their highest point just a little off-center towards the tail. It’s an eye-opening look. 

Having a bit of heft to the brows will balance your forehead without overwhelming the delicate features in the lower half of your face. That said, it’s important that your brows don’t have too steep of an arch, which can look too severe. 

High Tail-Arched Brow 

If you’d like to try a higher arch, consider going with a modern tail-arched brow. That means that the highest point of your brow is closer to the tail. It’s a very modern, trendy look with an uplifting effect. It comes off as softer, so you’ll be able to get away with a higher arch which will give your face a lift.  

Upward Angled Tail

Upward angled tails are extremely popular these days, thanks to their ability to pull the face up. To create this kind of look, you’ll need to fill in the top of your tail so it follows the angle of your arch rather than going downwards. You may also need to do a bit of trimming or shaving. This type of tail lets you lean into and emphasize any sharpness in your features. 

Soft or Rounded

If you have bangs, you basically cut your forehead out of the equation. This allows you to try softer, flatter, or more rounded brows! You can also try an arched but rounded brow, which will allow you to lean into the softness and femininity of your features. 

Additional Tips 

We’ve got a few more brow-shaping tips to share! You’ll find these particularly helpful if you’re new to shaping your eyebrows. 

  • Take into account the natural flow of your brows when deciding on a brow shape. It’s easier to refine and adjust your brows than force them into a brand-new shape. 
  • Regardless of the shape you choose, use brow mapping to figure out where your brows should start and end. This method ensures that your brows line up with your eyes and nose. We talk about this in detail in our guide to eyebrow shaping
  • It’s always best to start slow and focus on how to adjust your brow shape by adding to it rather than taking away. Pick up an eyebrow tint to add height from the top or soften an arch from below, and reserve tweezing only for when it’s clearly necessary. 

Celebrities with a Heart Face

There are a lot of gorgeous celebrities with heart-shaped faces. The best part? Each celebrity tends to sport a slightly different eyebrow style. Some of them change their brows over the course of their lives. Looking at their photos, you’ll have an easier time learning what you like about eyebrows for heart faces.

At this point, you’re probably itching to reach for your tweezers and eyebrow tint! With your face shape, you have a lot of room to experiment so let your heart guide you. 

heart face shape

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