Soft Angled Eyebrow Shapes

Soft Angled Eyebrow Shapes

We’d argue that a soft angled eyebrow shape is the best eyebrow shape for just about everyone. It’s a brow with a very slightly rounded, low or medium arch. There are no overly-straight lines or sharp angles but it’s not a round brow. 

A soft angled brow is balanced, with enough softness to look youthful but enough arch to look sophisticated. It’s ultra-flattering, and there’s still room for versatility with how thick you go or where you place the arch. Needless to say, we’re major fans! 


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Will a Soft Angled Brow Shape Suit Me? 

Yes, because this is one of the few brow shapes that can genuinely suit everyone. It has enough height and shape to add structure to rounded or fuller face shapes, but it’s also still effortlessly soft against more angular face shapes. Plus, it’s versatile enough that you can make small adjustments based on your unique features. 

That said, you’ll have a difficult time creating a soft angled brow if your brows are naturally very high-arched. It’s generally not a good idea to try to change the shape of your brows drastically, because it may require removing too much hair and relying too much on eyebrow tint. 

How to Shape a Perfect Soft Angled Eyebrow 

Hopefully, giving a soft angled brow a try will be as simple as just doing a bit of brushing and filling! No matter what kind of shape you’re starting out with, here is our step-by-step guide to creating a softly arched look. 

  • Always start with eyebrow mapping. Your brows should start at a point that lines up with your nostril and inner corner of the eye, your arch should line up with the edge of your nostril and the outer rim of your iris, and your tail should line up with your nostril and outer corner of the eye. You can use a brow pencil to mark each one of these key points. 
  • Brush your brows to make sure all of the hairs go in the same direction, either on an upward and outward angle or straight up. This will allow you to see what you’re doing and allow you to shape based on a more groomed look. 
  • Next, identify which factors are keeping your brows from looking soft. Usually, the arch is a little too high or angular from below the brows, so your best bet is to thicken it up a little from below, using a brown tint or pencil. This will help to soften your arch. 
  • If your arch is too angular from above, consider whether there’s a way to soften it without tweezing. Using a bit of brown pencil, you can fill in from the sides of the arch, which will help round out and create a more continuous, softer shape from the area just before the arch to the tail.  
  • Finally, fill in any other areas where there might be gaps in your brows, and use a clean spoolie to blend out the look. 
  • With your brows filled in and looking softer, you can now tweeze or shave away excess hairs that don’t belong. Unless your brows are very thick, try to be conservative. You might also want to trim your brows if any of the hairs are too long. 

Final Thoughts 

Part of the reason why we love soft angled brows so much is that they’re often a way to celebrate your natural eyebrow shape. Sharply-arched brows are just as beautiful. It’s all about celebrating the way all the different brow shapes can be flattering and attractive. So if you want to give a soft angled eyebrow shape a try and it won’t require too drastic a change, we hope you go for it!

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