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Eyebrow Shape for Square Face

eyebrow shape for square face

A square face is incredibly striking - it’s no surprise that many of the world's most iconic supermodels have a square face! That said, this face shape can also seem a little intense and sharp. If you’d like to find the ideal eyebrow shape for your square face, this post is for you. 

We’ll explain how different shaping factors can influence your face shape, and help you figure out which eyebrow style you’ll like best!  

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Square Face

A square face is almost as wide as it is long, with very angular features and a squared-off jawline. The forehead is usually a little low but wide, with a slightly squared-off hairline. 

That said, some people have a more rectangular face with a narrower, sharp shape and higher forehead. Most of our tips will apply even if your face shape is a little more rectangular. 

If you’re not sure if this is your face shape, there are a lot of different tricks to figuring it out. You can take a picture with your hair pulled back, and then run through a face shape app. You can even use a photo editing tool to trace your own lines over the perimeter of your face! Measuring is less helpful here since a square face is all about the angles.  

Brow Goal 

The ideal eyebrows for a square face need to have a soft, medium arch. This guarantees that your brows won’t hide too much of your forehead while still elongating your face, for a balanced look. That said, feel free to opt for a higher arch if your forehead can accommodate it.  

Many women with square faces want their eyebrows to have a softening effect on their sharp features. If that’s something you’re interested in, aim for a softer, more rounded look. 

Another thing to watch out for is a blocky shape at the front of your brows, especially when you fill them in. This can look harsh on anyone, but especially on those with a square face. 

The Perfect Eyebrow Shapes for Square Face

So what’s the best eyebrow shape for a square face? You actually have a lot of options! Here are the styles we find are the most flattering. 

Modern Tail-Arched Brow

If you'd like simply flattering brows that don't necessarily downplay your face shape, a modern tail-arched brow will look great. To create this kind of brow shape, you’ll want your arch to start closer to the tail than the center. The best way to achieve this is by filling it in from the top and tweezing minimally at the bottom of the arch. 

Softly Rounded Brow

A softly rounded brow is perfect if your goal is to look overall softer and more feminine. Don’t go for a full semi-circle, though - that’s liable to backfire and clash with your features. Instead, a fuller brow without straight lines and just a hint of rounding at the arch will work best. 

Medium-High Arched Brow 

In some cases, the best eyebrows for a square face will have a higher arch. This is especially true if your face is a little shorter in the bottom two-thirds, but with a more prominent forehead. A lot of celebrities with square faces have this face shape and eyebrow combination!  

Flat But Upward Tilted Brow

You don’t have to have an arch at all, especially if your brows naturally gravitate towards a flat style. In particular, this can work well if you have a fairly low forehead, although it’s important that your overall brow angle still tilts upward. 

Additional Tips 

  • To identify where your brows should start and end, give eyebrow mapping a try. This technique ensures that your brows line up with your eyes and nose in a flattering way. We explain the process in our full guide to eyebrow shapes
  • Don’t force your eyebrows into an unnatural shape like a higher arch or tail arch. Chances are your brows will naturally gravitate towards a particular style, so make small adjustments to refine and soften the shape as you wish.  
  • Remember that your hairstyle can have a big impact on your face shape, as well. You might feel like you can look great with sharper brows if your hairstyle has a very softening effect on your features. 
  • Brow density also makes a difference, especially at the front! Aim for fluffier styles, and experiment with how you brush your brows. 

Celebrities with Square Faces

Let these celebrities with square faces inspire you! It’s common to feel a little insecure about your facial shape, but looking at other people with similar features can remind you of how beautiful you are. 

Plus, by looking at celebrities with different eyebrow shapes for a square face, you can identify what you like, what you don’t like, and which shapes you think will suit you best. 

Which of the eyebrows for a square face do you think you gravitate towards? From very soft and rounded to a little sharper and more highly arched, there are a lot of ways to shape your brows, so feel empowered and get creative! 

square face shape

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