Eyebrow Shape for Long Face

eyebrow shape for long face

A long face, sometimes known as an oblong face, can look very elegant and beautiful. When it comes to choosing an eyebrow shape for a long face, you want to make sure your brows have a presence. Otherwise, they can get lost amongst your features. In this post, we’ll give you some tips for shaping brows for a long face flawlessly, with a few different style options to keep you inspired! 

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Long Face

It’s pretty easy to tell if your face is longer than average, so you’ll probably know instinctively. A long face is much longer than it is wide - simple as that! Often, it looks like a longer version of an oval face. 

You may notice that you have more length in a particular part of your face. That length could be through the middle of your face, in the lower half of your face, or at the forehead. It’s very important to keep that in mind the different type of length will impact which brow shape flatters you the most. 

Brow Goal

So what kind of effect should your eyebrows have on your long face? In most cases, you simply want eyebrows that stand out and that fit well with your longer features. The most important part is that your eyebrows shouldn’t be too thin or they’ll get lost.

You may want your brows to add a bit of a “break” in the face to minimize your long face shape. In that case, a flat or rounded arch can achieve that effect, but keep in mind it’ll have to be very carefully balanced with your forehead. 

If you want your brows to have a good presence, you can also aim for a slightly higher arch that’ll look proportional to the length of your face. 

The Perfect Eyebrow Shapes for Long Face

Here are a few different eyebrow shapes for long faces to try. You’re not restricted to a particular style, so read through them to see which you think will suit you the most! 

Softly Arched Brows

A soft or flat arch can be very flattering, especially if most of your length is in the middle of your face. Make sure your brows are about medium-thick and not too short at the tail. 

You can go totally flat if you don’t have much length in the forehead. Alternatively, aim for a soft, rounded sweep if you think going too flat will make your forehead look larger. 

Classic Center-Arched Brows 

If you do prefer a more arched look, the best eyebrow shape for a long face is one with a classic arch, meaning that the highest point of your brow lines up with the middle of your nose and the center of your eyes. This shape helps to open up the center of the face, downplay the forehead, and emphasize the eyes, which looks very flattering with a longer face.

Rounded Brows

If you have a long face with very sharp features, you might like the idea of having a more rounded arch. This will have a softening effect on your features. Just make sure that the height of the arch flatters your features, whether that means a higher center arch to balance out a forehead or a flatter, softer one for breaking up the length at the middle of your face. 

Soft Tail-Arched Brows

The modern tail-arched look tends to pull the face upwards, so it can actually give the illusion that your long face is even longer. However, if the arch is very minimal, having it start closer to the tail can actually have the same impact on your features as a soft, partially flat arch. It’s a nice option for a soft but very modern look. 

Additional Tips 

  • Eyebrow shape mapping is a must - while the different eyebrow shapes for a long face give you a few styling options, the location where your brows start and end should align with your features.  
  • Make sure to balance your brow size and arch - chances are that the flatter your brows, the more thickness you’ll want, while more of an arch might allow you to go thinner. 
  • Never go too thin - with a long face, you have a bit more real estate to work with and overly thin brows will simply disappear. Never go thinner than about medium thickness. 
  • Play around with brow tint - If you want to experiment with different shapes, it’s always better to amp up your brows with a brow tint rather than to over-tweeze. 

Celebrities with Long Face

Quite a few of the world’s most beautiful women have long faces. Even better, they’ve experimented with a lot of different eyebrow shapes! Let these celebrities with long faces inspire you, and consider which of their eyebrow styles you like best. 

As you can see, the best eyebrow shapes for a long face can look different from one another, and you have a lot of options! Feel confident to experiment with your look. As long as you don’t over-tweeze, chances are you’ll find an eyebrow shape that balances your features.

long face shape


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