Eyebrow Shape for Oval Face

eyebrow shape for oval face

Your eyebrows can impact all of your other facial features so you’ll want to consider the shape of your face when styling your brows. An oval face, however, stands out as very balanced and easy to work with. That means you can shape your brows to look classically beautiful or you can experiment like an eyebrow chameleon. Whatever effect you want your brows to have, check out our tips for the best eyebrow shapes for an oval face.

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Oval Face

An oval face is a little longer than it is wide, with rounded facial features. It’s considered the most balanced face shape! Your forehead will usually be a little longer and wider than your chin, but not overly so. The widest part of your face is the center. In reality, categorizing face shapes is rarely a clean or neat process but if your face is longer than it is wide with soft angles, you’re probably oval.

Brow Goal

When you have an oval-shaped face, you get to decide on your own brow goals!

  • Do you want a simple yet complementary eyebrow shape?
  • Do you want a shape that makes your face seem even more narrow?
  • Do you want a style that’ll soften your features further?

In general, your eyebrows shouldn’t sit too low over your eyes, as that can make your forehead seem broader than it is, and you’ll likely want some height in the arch. Because of this, flatter styles don’t work too well, but as you’ll soon discover, there is an exception!
Other factors, like the thickness, arch placement, and the level of softness or straightness, are entirely up to you.

The Perfect Eyebrow Shapes for Oval Face

So what’s the best eyebrow shape for an oval face? As we mentioned earlier, you’ve got a few options! Because your face shape is considered very “classic,” you have a lot of freedom to experiment. Let our suggestions inspire rather than constrain you, and don’t be afraid to try new things if you wish.

Classic Center-Arched Brow

For a classically beautiful style, the “perfect” eyebrow shape for an oval face is a moderately arched brow of medium thickness, with the arch starting slightly off-center towards the tail. It has intensity and lift, but it’s not over the top.

Modern Tail Arched Brow

The modern brow with the arch slightly closer to the tail is another great option. It’s soft but with a lifting effect, so it flatters almost everyone.

Flat Bottom With Arch

This is a great style if you want to add some softness to your face while still enjoying the balancing and lengthening effect of an arched brow. A bit of filling in at the top adds that elongating arch, while on the bottom the brow is straight.

Thick Classic Arch

If your features can handle it, don’t be afraid to go thick! The thick, classically-arched brow can look great with an oval face shape, especially if you have big eyes. Just make sure that your brows still have a great lift and that they don’t shadow your eyelids.

Upward Angled Brow

An upward-angled brow can look wonderful with an oval face shape. It’s very trendy and will help pull your face upwards for that “snatched” look. You can even opt for an upturned style without an arch or with a shorter tail for a very cool vibe.

Additional Tips

  • Remember the basic principles of eyebrow mapping - make sure that where your brows start and end aligns with your nose and the inner and outer corners of your eye.
  • Take your other features into account. For example, very rounded brows can sometimes make your face seem too rounded, especially if you don’t have a lot of definition in your cheeks.
  • Also consider your coloring, and how dark or dense you want your brows to look. You can go soft and feathered or dark and intense.
  • Another factor you’ll want to take into account is your hairstyle. For those with oval face shapes, hairstyles with bangs often give you more freedom if you prefer a straighter eyebrow shape.
  • Don’t go too thin! Because oval faces have some length, your brows need to have a bit of thickness and presence.

Celebrities With Oval Face

Look at celebrities with oval faces, and consider their eyebrows! What do you like? What don’t you like? This will help you better understand your own personal preferences and style!

Sometimes, celebs with oval faces have brows that look amazing. Other times, we can’t help but think that a small tweak may help them look even better. What do you think? Would you want to try any of these eyebrow styles?


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