Korean Eyebrow Shape

korean eyebrow shape

If your beauty icons are mostly K-pop idols, this post is for you! Korean beauty trends are everywhere these days, from draped blush to stained lips. Korean eyebrow shapes are also an obsession, and whether you’re of East Asian descent or not, you might want to give them a try. 

The secret behind to Korean eyebrow shaping approach is to keep things soft. That means soft colors and soft lines, for a look that keeps the face looking youthful. If you’d like to find out how to create this kind of shape for yourself, this post is for you! 

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What Are the Common Korean Eyebrow Shapes? 

K-beauty is all about soft, youthful makeup, and the Korean eyebrow shapes help contribute to that vibe. 

Soft and Rounded

If you follow K-pop idols closely, you’ll notice most of them are keeping their brows soft and rounded these days, with a thin or medium thickness. The brows have almost no arch and no straight lines, and the thickness is almost uniform from the front to the end, with a slight tapering at the tail. 

Soft Arch 

This classic Korean brow shape has a very soft, subtle arch from above, while the bottom is a little more rounded or even flat. The arch starts closer to the tail, for a modern look. It’s a great choice if you still want a bit of arch to add sharpness to your features, but not quite to the extent of a Western brow. 


The old-school, totally flat brow is a classic K-beauty brow shape that gives an extremely youthful look. This brow shape is usually medium thick, and it’s filled in with a more diffused style. 

Arched and Tapered 

Want a bit of drama and sharpness? A low arch with an ultra-tapered tail is the way to achieve it while retaining some K-beauty vibes. The secret for a look like this is to keep the top part of the brow softly arched. Then, create a continuous line from above to ensure the arch blends into an elongated tail. If necessary, tweeze the tail from below to thin it out a little. 

Short and Upward Angled

Short, upward-angled brows are also popular in Korean beauty, especially if you’re going for a more alternative look. These brows are basically cut-off at the tail and then extended with makeup to give them a diagonal, angled look. 

How to Shape a Perfect Korean Eyebrow

And now, here’s how to shape your eyebrows in a more Korean-inspired style. 

  • To start, decide on your shape. It’s always better to pick a shape that’s close to how your brows grow naturally. For example, if you naturally have a high arch, choosing a flat look will require too much effort and is less likely to flatter you. 
  • Next, choose an eyebrow filling product that’s at least a shade or two lighter than your hair, to achieve that soft, diffused look. 
  • Use eyebrow mapping to determine where your brows should start and end, as well as where your arch should be. You can use your brow makeup product to mark each of these spots. 
  • Fill your brows in, starting with the bottom. Use a clean spoolie to brush the hair up and out of your way as you work so you can see what you’re doing. 
  • Create a continuous line from the front of the brow that curves upwards towards the tail. You can make the line a little straighter if you want a flatter brow shape. 
  • You can also fill in the area using micro strokes, as long as you create a harmonious line.
  • Fill in the top only if you need to correct any gaps or unevenness in your brows, or if you need to connect your arch to the front or tail more cleanly.  
  • Finally, fill in the front and center of your brows softly, and blend well by brushing through your brows with a spoolie.  
  • With your brows filled in, you can now trim, tweeze, or shave minimally to remove hairs that grow outside the shape you just filled in. If you have hairs that grow outside of your “lines,” trim them one by one.

Final Thoughts 

Which of the popular Korean eyebrow shapes is your favorite? In reality, these are just general shaping trends, but there’s always room to customize your look based on what will suit your features. As long as you focus on keeping it soft and diffused, you’ll be able to feel a little more like a K-pop star. 

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