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Eyebrow Shape for Diamond Face

eyebrow shape for diamond face

The diamond face shape is one of the most unique face shapes. It’s sharp yet delicate, with a memorable elvish quality. When choosing the ideal eyebrow shape for a diamond face, you want to make sure to choose a style that won’t overwhelm your features. 

Aside from that, though, you have a lot of room to play! In this post, we’ll help you figure out if you have a diamond face shape, and give some tips for how you can style your brows in a way that’ll make the most of your features. 

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Diamond Face 

A diamond face is a face shape characterized by a narrow forehead, narrow jawline, pointy chin, and prominent cheekbones, much like a diamond shape or rhombus. 

When you look in the mirror, if the first thing you notice is a sharp chin or high cheekbones, you might have a diamond face! 

Diamond faces can also look a little like heart-shaped faces. The main difference is that those with a heart face usually have a slightly broader forehead, rather than the narrow and occasionally high forehead of a diamond face.  

Brow Goal 

For most people with a diamond face, the main goal is to have brows that don’t look too intense in comparison to your fine features. Today’s trendy bushy eyebrows aren’t necessarily off-limits, but keep in mind that they’ll be the first thing anyone notices about you. 

In general, aim for soft or rounded brows with a straight or modern arch. A lot of sharp lines and steep arches can seem too severe. Make sure your brows have enough thickness to complement your cheekbones, but that they’re not so thick that they take over your face. 

Additionally, it’s important to avoid styling your brows too long. This can pull the face down, and may also overwhelm your forehead. 

The Perfect Eyebrow Shapes for Diamond Face

Here are what we consider the best eyebrow shapes for a diamond face. They’ll flatter you the most and help you achieve your brow goals. That said, take them as gentle suggestions. Rules are meant to be broken, so don’t be afraid to try something different if you disagree. 

Modern Tail-Arched Brows

Today’s modern brows, with an arch that starts a little further back towards the tail, are the most flattering choice for a diamond face. This kind of style is incredibly flattering, giving the face a lift, and it’s often softer than brows with an arch that starts closer to the center. 

A medium thickness is ideal for this brow shape. This style can look a little too weak if it’s too thin. That said, you can go a little thinner if your features are extremely delicate. 

Soft Flat Brows 

A diamond face is already very angular, so keeping your brows a little flatter is perfectly acceptable. Flat brows will lend your face a very youthful feel, so they’re also a good choice when you feel like you need a style refresh. 

That said, avoid having very straight brows. Instead, this brow shape is about keeping the bottom of the arch filled in gently, with a tail that tapers naturally.  

Rounded Brows

Like flat brows, rounded brows will also help you soften your features. The difference is that with a round shape, you can still have a bit of an arch! The key to achieving a rounded look is to fill in along the sides of the tip of your arch, to round out its shape. 

Additional Tips 

  • When you sit down to shape your brows for the first time, set the tweezers aside. It’s better to shape your brows using scissors, an eyebrow razor, and a brow pencil or tint. That way, any mistakes you make won’t last for longer than a week. 
  • Brow mapping is an incredibly useful technique that’ll allow you to figure out where your brows need to start and end. You want the front to line up with your nostrils and the inner corner of the eye, and you want your tail to line up with the nostrils and outer corner of your eye. 
  • The best brow thickness heavily depends on the size of your face and features. With a diamond face, you can often accommodate thinner brows. We recommend sticking to medium or medium-thin brows for a flattering, up-to-date style.  

Celebrities with Diamond Face Shape

Looking at celebrities with diamond faces can be very helpful. By looking at examples of diamond faces, you’ll have an easier time telling if that’s indeed your face shape. 

Beyond that, it’ll also allow you to hone your taste. You can see what you like and don’t like on others with a diamond face shape, and it’ll help you decide how to style your own brows. 

Which brows do you love? Which do you find yourself less enamored with? By understanding the why behind your answers to these questions, you’ll have an easier time finding the perfect brows for your diamond face shape! 

diamond face shape

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