Thick Eyebrow Shapes

thick eyebrow shapes

Feathery thick eyebrows have been having a moment for a while now. In fact, they might be on the decline, what with the return of early 2000s fashion. That said, a more natural, thick eyebrow shape that’s proportional to your features will never truly go out of style. 

The untouched, “born this way” look is timeless and always guaranteed to look good.  

If you’d like to give thick eyebrows a try, or you want some suggestions for grooming your naturally thick eyebrow shape, this post is for you! We’ll give some tips for figuring out how thick your eyebrows should be, and then explain how to shape them. 

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What is a Thick Eyebrow Shape?

Thick eyebrows are wide from top to bottom. Any eyebrow shape can be thick, from flat or rounded to sharply arched. The key is fullness! 

Thick brows often have a bushy, slightly unkempt, or feathery look that’s sometimes referred to as “boy brows,” but there’s no reason why you can’t opt for a very clean thick eyebrow shape. 

Will a Thick Brow Shape Suit Me? 

Eyebrow thickness is relative. A thick brow on someone with a small face might look medium or even thin on someone with larger features, and vice versa. 

With that in mind, there is definitely a thick eyebrow shape that will suit you. 

While eyebrow mapping lets us know where your brows should start and end horizontally, it doesn’t give us notes on how thick the brows should be. There are no strict rules or standards, but we do have some suggestions! 

To start, consider the size of your forehead, eyelids, and eyes. You might be able to fill your brows in more from below if you have a lot of lid space, or you might prefer to fill them in from above if you have a high forehead. 

We recommend that you don’t make your brows thicker than the width of your eyes. 

How to Shape a Perfect Thick Eyebrow

Here’s how to shape a thick eyebrow in a way that will flatter your features, regardless of your brows’ starting point! 

  • Start by brushing your brows upwards. This will give you an idea of the maximum possible natural thickness for your brows, and will also allow you to identify gaps or uneven spots at the bottom. 
  • Use brow mapping to measure where your brows should start. Normally, you want to make sure your brows start along the line of the outer edge of your nostril and the inner corner of the eyes. With a thicker brow shape, you can let them grow or fill them in even closer together. 
  • Next, fill in your brows to add more thickness. Start from below, deciding how low you want your brows to sit.
  • Next, fill your brows from above to finalize their thickness. You can fill them in all along the top, only add more thickness above the front half for a tapered look, or only above the arch for a higher brow. For a more natural look, try to fill them in with micro strokes rather than solidly. 
  • Once you’ve determined how thick you’ll be filling in your brows, you can tweeze conservatively to remove errant hairs that grow outside your lines. If you like a slightly messy look, you can skip this step!  
  • Finally, adjust how you’ve brushed your brows if you don’t like the feathery, upwards-brushed look. Consider keeping the front brushed upwards, though, for a trendy, bushy look. 

Other Tips 

Makeup is the easiest way to create thicker brows, but we do have a few more tips for helping your brows look their bushiest best.  

  • Put the tweezers away, especially if you’re prone to over-tweezing. Let your brows grow for a few weeks or even months before attempting to reshape them again. 
  • Use a brow serum to nourish the hair and stimulate your brow hair follicles, for better growth. 
  • Make sure to eat a healthy, complete diet that will support your brow-growing efforts. 

Final Thoughts 

We love thick brows, and sincerely hope they don’t go out of style anytime soon. 

The bushy look is powerful and alluring, which is why so many of the world’s most celebrated beauties sport thick, lush brows. Rest assured that anyone can pull off a thick eyebrow shape. The key is to keep your own proportions in mind. What do you say, will you give thicker brows a try? 

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