how to remove eyelash glue

False lashes are fun and exciting, but taking them off is pretty much the opposite. How can you remove eyelash glue without damaging your lashes or making a mess? 

The good news is that there are a few easy, painless methods to get eyelash glue off without damaging your lash line or natural lashes. The method you choose depends on the types of false lashes you wear. We list all the best eyelash glue removal methods for professional extensions, DIY extensions, and strip falsies. Read on to find your ideal method! 

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    An oil-based cleanser is an excellent choice for removing all kinds of eyelash glues, including extensions. You can choose any eye-safe oil cleanser to do the job. The greatest benefit of oil cleansers is that you can rinse them away easily by adding a bit of water and rubbing.  

    1. STEP 1: First, soak a cotton pad in the oil and gently hold it over your lash line for 5-10 seconds. You can also use it to remove your eye makeup, if necessary. 
    2. STEP 2: If you’re trying to remove lash extensions, you’ll need to hold the cotton pad in place for a few minutes. Alternatively, you can just coat the lashes in oil and then wait. 
    3. STEP 3: Gently wipe the cotton pad downwards over your lashes. This might be enough to pull off your false lashes. 
    4. STEP 4: Next, dip a cotton swab in the oil. Use the swab to clean the remaining glue from your lash line. The swab will remove the false lashes if they haven’t come off yet.  
    5. STEP 5: Finally, use a bit of water and gently massage your eyes to emulsify and rinse away the oil cleanser. 
    6. STEP 6: With extensions, you might need to repeat this process a few days in a row since the glue is a little stronger. Consider also steaming your lashes first, per Method 4.

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    Are you rocking DIY lash extensions? Removing the Lilac St. lash glue is best achieved with our dedicated Ciao For Now Lash Remover. It’s designed to break down both our long-wearing Pro Glue and classic Glue, freeing your lashes from stickiness. It’ll also work well to remove false lash adhesives (especially latex-free ones) from other brands!

    1. STEP 1: Using the brush side of the applicator, saturate your lashes from both the top and bottom with the remover, and allow it to sit for approximately 30 seconds. 
    2. STEP 2: Then, use the brush to gently scrub back and forth at the base of the lash line, which will peel off your extensions with minimal impact on your natural lashes. 
    3. STEP 3: With the extensions removed, you can now use the comb side of the Lash Remover wand to comb through your lashes thoroughly to remove any lash glue residue. 
    4. STEP 4: When you’re done, wipe down the applicator gently with a dry cloth or cotton pad to remove any glue from it, and fit it back into the tube. 
    5. STEP 5: Finally, remove any remover residue from your lashes with a cotton pad or a soft makeup remover cloth like from our Lash Bath Kit. You can also just cleanse your face or use micellar water. 

    Here’s Carmencita demonstrating the full process

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    how to remove eyelash glue


    Do you have a favorite eye makeup remover? It might also help you take off eyelash glue! Depending on the remover, you might be able to use it to get rid of both lash glue and extension adhesive. 

    Note that some oil-free makeup removers are too gentle for strong extension adhesives. If you wear DIY or professional extensions, look for dual-phase formulas. They are effective despite being oil-free. 

    1. STEP 1: Pour a bit of makeup remover on a cotton pad. Hold it over your lash line to start dissolving the glue. You can dab it over the lash line with a cotton bud and then let it sit.  
    2. STEP 2: Gently wipe downwards to dislodge the glue and the falsies. 
    3. STEP 3: With a cotton swab, finish the job, wiping away the remaining glue. 
    4. STEP 4: You can also use the cotton swab to dislodge strip lashes if they haven’t come off on their own. 

    Watch our video to see the process in action.

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    A professional-grade glue dissolver is better than oil if you're rocking professional eyelash extensions. After all, this product is designed specifically to break down the extension glue. It’ll work faster than the other methods, but remember that it might sting a little if it gets in your eye.  

    1. STEP 1: Apply a cotton pad under your lower lash line and close your eye. It’s important to keep your eye shut this entire time.  
    2. STEP 2: With a cotton swab, gently dab the glue dissolver over your lashes, being careful not to let it come in contact with your lash line. 
    3. STEP 3: Let the dissolver sit on your lashes briefly. 
    4. STEP 4: Next, gently wipe off the lashes with a clean cotton swab. They should come off very easily! 
    5. STEP 5: Once you’re done with one eye, clean away the glue dissolver with a cotton pad saturated in cool water. 
    6. STEP 6: Finally, repeat the process on the other eye. 

    TIP: Only work on one eye at a time. 

    Check out this video to see how a professional lash technician does this. 

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    If you’re removing eyelash extensions, steaming off the adhesive can work extremely well. 

    This method works best as a first step, followed by a more thorough removal. Steam your extensions before trying Methods 1 or 2, and you’ll achieve better results! 

    You can also try this to loosen up regular eyelash glue, which may save you the need for remover. 

    1. STEP 1: To steam off the lash glue, you can simply hop in the shower. Let the water run hot enough to steam (but not hot enough to burn). Don’t put your face directly under the current. Just let the steam do its work loosening the lash adhesive. 
    2. STEP 2: If you don’t have time to shower, use a commercial face steamer or make a steam bowl.
    3. STEP 3: To make a steam bowl, fill a bowl with hot water. Place your head over the bowl, and then put a towel over your head. This will loosen the adhesive and is also great for clearing the sinuses. 
    4. STEP 4: No matter the steam source, keep your lashes exposed to it for 5-8 minutes. 
    5. STEP 5: Check your lashes to see if the glue comes off easily with a gentle finger pull. If it doesn’t, finish things off with one of the other methods we outlined.

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    When you don’t have special makeup removers or cleansers at home, whatever oil you have on hand can be a lash-saver! We recommend choosing a cosmetic-grade or food-grade oil such as mineral oil, baby oil, coconut oil, or grape seed oil, but most oils will work in a pinch. You can even try using Vaseline with this method!  

    1. STEP 1: Using a cotton pad or bud, saturate your eyes with the oil. Let it sit over your lash line for 20-30 seconds to allow it to dissolve the lash glue. 
    2. STEP 2: Gently wipe downwards to dislodge the lashes. Use a cotton bud (or two) and a little more friction if you wear extensions. 
    3. STEP 3: Once the lashes are removed, apply more oil if necessary, and use a cotton bud to remove any remaining lash glue.   
    4. STEP 4: Finally, wipe away any remaining oil, and consider using micellar water or a facial cleanser to remove any of its residue, especially if your skin is acne-prone. 


    To keep the process simple and your eyes and lashes safe, here are a few things you absolutely must avoid when removing eyelash glue.

      how to remove eyelash glue


      We have a few pro tips to make your eyelash glue removal process safer and easier! 

      • Resist the urge to pull your falsies off or pick the glue. There’s a big risk of losing a few natural eyelashes or irritating the lash line when you do this without a proper remover. 
      • Always wipe downwards when removing the lashes or glue. This puts the least amount of stress on your natural lashes. 
      • Any glue clumps left in your lashes can harbor bacteria, so make sure to wipe away all of the glue thoroughly. 
      • When removing professionally applied extensions, take your time and be patient. It’s a slow process. If you’re not ready for it, it’s better to go to a professional. 
      • Once you remove your extensions, take a one-day break from mascara and other eye makeup products to let your lashes recover. 
      • If the remover gets in your eyes, use eye drops to clear it. 
      • Once you remove the lash glue, pamper your eyes with cool water and a nice layer of eye cream or eyelash serum


      With many different methods to remove eyelash glue, you don’t need to worry about sticky messes around your eyes. If you take your time, remain patient, and keep things clean, your eyes and lashes will thank you.

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