How to Make Lash Extensions Last Longer?

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Getting professional lash extensions is a considerable expense, but one way to save a little is by learning how to make lash extensions last longer. The longer you can wait between refill appointments, the more you’ll save in the long run. To help with that, we’ve got the best tips and suggestions for keeping your lashes intact for as long as possible. 

The First Few Hours Are Critical

As your lash technician will probably let you know, the first few hours after getting lash extensions are the most important. The lash adhesive used for extensions needs to cure slowly, but exposure to moisture speeds up the process. This results in a weaker seal and may cause you to lose lash extensions much sooner than normal. 

That’s why you need to avoid any exposure to water. Not just showers and pools, but also rain and sweat. Each adhesive’s curing time is different. Your technician may advise you to avoid water for as little as 6 hours or for as long as 48 hours. Always follow their advice.  

Sleep on Your Back

To help your lash extensions last longer, try to sleep on your back. Sleeping on your back has a lot of other health and beauty benefits, so it’s a habit worth cultivating anyway.  

Friction of any sort can put stress on your natural lashes. Sleeping on your stomach with your face squished against the pillow certainly counts as friction, and can lead to lash loss - especially when your lashes are a little bulkier because of the extensions.

If you tend to move a lot in your sleep, another helpful option is to switch to a silk or satin pillowcase, since the smoother fabric can also prevent some lash loss. 

Use a Gentle Wash

Cleaning your lash extensions can definitely help them last longer, so be diligent. A gentle cleanser will remove debris and especially oils that can collect at the base of your lash line and weaken the lash adhesive. 

It’s important to choose a lash-safe cleanser or micellar water formula. When cleaning, you’ll want to use a soft lash brush instead of your fingers or a cotton pad. That’s because dedicated brushes minimize friction. 

To make things easier for both those wearing professional extensions and fans of DIY extensions, we’ve created the Lash Bath Kit. It includes everything you need to clean your extensions correctly.   

Use Oil-Free Products 

Thick eye creams and greasy makeup removers don’t play nicely with lash extensions. Oil and oil-like ingredients can dissolve and break down your lash glue adhesive, so they will shorten the life of your extensions. 

Instead, switch to lighter, oil-free products, and be careful not to overuse them or bring them too close to your lashes. We also suggest doing your skincare routine at least 30 minutes before bedtime, to allow your products to sink into the skin. 

Don't Use Mascara

While there are a few types of mascara that you can wear with lash extensions, if you want to make your lash extensions last longer it’s much better to avoid it. It’s not the mascara itself that’s the issue, but removal. Removing any makeup off of your lashes will put a bit of stress and may cause you to lose lashes faster.  

Use an Eyelash Sealer

One of the best hacks for getting your lashes to last longer is using an eyelash extension sealer like our Crystal Coat. The sealant creates a protective layer around the extensions and glue, preventing oils from seeping in and weakening the bond. It’s a particularly nice addition to your lash care routine if your skin is oily. As a bonus, it’ll also give your extensions a fancy sheen!  

Brush Them Daily

It cannot be overstated how important it is to brush your extensions! Much like your hair, lash extensions can get tangled which causes friction and can lead to breakage or lash loss. To help your lashes last longer, brush them gently with a spoolie every morning at night. Make sure to do this when they’re dry, and the result will be fluffy, long-lasting extensions. 

how to make lash extensions last longer

Shower Carefully

Once your lash adhesive has fully cured, you can go back to showering, but you still need to be careful. When washing your face in the shower, cup a bit of water in your hands and then splash it on. Placing your face directly under the showerhead’s powerful stream can weaken the glue seal and cause you to lose some extensions. 

Be Careful With Other Water Sources 

If you’re a fan of swimming with your lash extensions, whether in the pool or ocean, it’s important to take a few more safety precautions. That includes rinsing your lashes once you’re done swimming to eliminate salt or pool chemicals and letting your lashes dry correctly.  

Consider a Lighter Lash

If you’re new to wearing extensions or you find your lashes don’t last for as long as you like, consider a lighter classic set. Classic extensions are a technique where only one extension is attached to each lash. Classics put less stress on the lash, especially if the extensions of choice are a little thinner or shorter, so they tend to have better adherence. As a bonus, they’re usually also a little more affordable!  

Don’t Play With Them

That means no rubbing or tugging, especially when you’re tired or distracted. Learning to develop calm hands is a must. If you only rub your eyes when you’re tired, it’ll be pretty easy to be mindful once you notice your lashes coming off. If playing with your lashes is a more entrenched bad habit, the TLC Foundation offers some excellent strategies for skin picking that may also help.

Try Doing Them Yourself 

Do DIY lash extensions last longer than professional ones? Well, no, they don’t. DIY Extensions may last for over a week with an adhesive like our Pro Glue. That said, it’s much easier to fix a DIY extension that has fallen off, and since you can do your lashes yourself, you don’t need to worry about the hassle or expense of going to the salon. 

DIY extensions are significantly more affordable than professional extensions. You could buy a one-year supply of extensions for less than you would spend on a single full set of professional extensions! 

Final Thoughts

Figuring out how to make eyelash extensions last longer is all about proper care and gentleness. As long as you avoid friction and keep your lashes clean, brushed, and protected, they’ll stay put and allow you to go longer between refill appointments.


Are you interested in eyelash extensions aftercare? Check out our guide to know how to take care of your lash extensions to make them last longer.


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