How To Shower With Eyelash Extensions: Useful Tips and Aftercare

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The warnings about lash extensions and water can sound pretty dire. Maybe you’ve heard that any dampness will lead to losing your extensions. So how do you shower with lash extensions? 

In this post, we’ll cover all you need to know about showering with extensions. Don’t worry - you don’t need to forgo proper hygiene just because you got them done! We’ll explain when you can shower again after getting extensions, how to shower with eyelash extensions, how to dry lash extensions after your shower, and more! 

Whether you’re rocking professional extensions or DIY ones like Lilac St., you’ll be equipped with the knowledge on how to keep yourself clean. 

Can You Shower With Eyelash Extensions? 

Yes, you can shower with eyelash extensions! Professional eyelash extensions last for up to 6 weeks and they can be maintained indefinitely. Can you imagine going that long without a shower? While you do need to be careful when washing, it’s definitely a must. 

Plus, your eyelash extensions also need washing. It’s very important that you keep your lash extensions clean. Otherwise, they can collect dust mites, bacteria, and oils which can lead to eye irritation and even infections. The oil buildup is actually going to weaken the lash adhesive bond more than exposure to water ever could, so it’s also important to the longevity of your extensions. 

How Long After Applying Eyelash Extensions Can You Shower?

You can probably shower a few hours after getting your eyelash extensions applied. If you’re rocking DIY lash extensions like Lilac St., you don’t need to wait at all. 

Most professionals used to recommend you wait 24-72 hours before showering or getting wet at all. Today, however, lash extension adhesives cure a lot more quickly so there’s no problem showering on the same day you got your extensions. To be safe, always ask your lash technician when it’ll be okay for you to shower again. 

Helpful Tips For Showering With Eyelash Extensions 

Showering with eyelash extensions is no problem at all, as long as you remember the following helpful tips. 

Avoid Strong Jets 

While getting in the shower with extensions is fine, you want to avoid putting your face under the stream if the water pressure is high. The issue here isn’t the water itself, but the friction! Too much force can put stress on the extensions and your natural lashes, leading to lash loss. Instead, make sure the water pressure is turned low or use your hands to splash your face with water. 

Keep Temperature Low 

Excessive heat and steam may have a sight weakening effect on your adhesive, though nothing dramatic. In order to keep your lashes in the best shape possible, don’t let your showers get too steamy. Plus, hot water isn’t great for your skin and hair, so there’s another incentive to keep temperatures low. Hot water can be very irritating and dehydrating, so it’s a good idea to shower in lukewarm water, in general. 

Use a Lash Cleanser 

The shower is the perfect time to clean your lash extensions, which you want to do around once a day. The Lilac St. Lash Bath Kit includes a cleanser that’s safe for extensions and for the eyes. It helps to remove debris and oil from the lashes to keep the eyes safe and the lashes intact.

Be Gentle

It’s important to be very gentle whenever you touch your lash extensions, DIY or otherwise. While you’re not likely to pull off the extensions themselves, the combination of weight and friction can lead to natural lash loss. That’s why, for best results, clean your lash extensions with a lash brush. If you’re using your fingers, use your ring finger and apply minimal pressure. 

Focus on gently massaging the cleanser over the extensions in downward motions, with minimal pressure. Finally, cup a bit of water in your hands and splash it on to rinse the cleanser away. 

Avoid Oil-Based Cleansers 

Lash extension adhesive is oil-soluble, so make sure to avoid any cleansers that contain oils. Oil cleansers and makeup removers, in particular, can weaken the bond and lead to extension shedding. They’re far more damaging to your extensions than water could ever be. 

how to shower with eyelash extensions

How To Dry Lash Extensions After Shower?

Immediately after the shower, it’s important to let your lashes and the skin around them dry. While the lash extensions themselves are waterproof, your natural lashes are actually going to be a little brittle. 

Water can penetrate the hair shaft and cause it to swell, which makes the risk of breakage a little higher. This means that natural lash loss is more likely post-shower, so drying the area gently is important. 

Here’s how to dry your lash extensions after a shower: 

  • Start by gently drying your face using a soft face cloth. The microfiber towel in our lash bath kit is awesome for the job because it’s gentle on the skin. Carefully soak up the water on the lids and below the eye. 
  • Next, you can very carefully dab the towel from below the lashline to remove excess water from the lashes. Don’t rub! 
  • Not that this will only work with a product like our microfiber cloth, since overly fluffy towels may pull on the lashes. If you don’t have one, it’s better to let the lashes air dry. 
  • Finally, use a clean spoolie to gently brush and detangle your lashes. 

How To Take Care of Eyelash Extensions After Shower?

After a shower, there are few extra things you can do to take care of your eyelash extensions. 

  • Be very careful when drying your hair. It’s easy to forget and end up with your lashes getting snagged on a towel. Just remember to keep the towel away from your face, or consider switching to a gentle method like T-shirt drying
  • In the same vein, be very careful and don’t rub your face after the shower. Dabbing your face with a gentle cloth will work best. 
  • If you’re in a rush, you can also use a blow dryer to help the drying process. Make sure to adjust it to the cool setting, and let it blow against your eyes. It may feel a little strange, but it’ll speed things up. 
  • We already mentioned you need to use a spoolie to brush your lash extensions. You’ll want to do this a couple of times a day - not just after the shower! 
  • You’ll probably want to use some skincare after your shower. Remember to avoid using any oil-based serums or face creams around the eyes, since they can weaken the lash adhesive.

Check out our blog post for more eyelash extensions care suggestions. 

What To Avoid If You Have Wet Eyelash Extensions?

We’ve covered all of the main things you want to avoid when you have lash extensions, but a few of these are worth reiterating. 

Avoid Friction 

When it comes to lash extension care, the most important thing to do is avoid friction. This is important whether your lashes are wet or dry, but the risk of lash loss is admittedly higher when your lashes are damp. Identify the potential sources of friction in your care routine, and find ways to replace them with lash-safe options. 

  • Stop using cotton pads, and instead switch to ultra-soft cloths when cleaning your face or removing makeup. 
  • Be very careful with towels which are often too abrasive for the lashes. 
  • Make sure your lashes are dry before you go to bed, since any rubbing against the pillow could cause issues. 
  • When you are in bed, try to sleep on your back, or you might lose a few lashes on your pillow. You can also switch to a silk pillowcase or wear a sleeping mask to reduce some of the risk of lash loss. 
  • Resist the urge to rub your eyes, even if they’re itchy or you’re tired. 

Avoid Oil-Based Products

Before getting your lash extensions done, go through your cosmetic stash and look through the ingredient lists for all of your products. Makeup removers, foundations, eye creams, and concealers all often include oils, so you’ll want to set them aside for as long as you wear extensions. Those oils can weaken the bond of your lash adhesive, leading to lash loss. Instead, switch to oil-free makeup and skincare products.

Avoid Bath Oils and Salts 

If you like to take the occasional, luxurious bath, avoid any of the usual bath additives like salts and oils. Much like with your other skincare products, both salt and oil can weaken the lash adhesive. 

Even if you don’t plan to get your face wet at all, there’s always a risk of splashing so we think it’s better to be safe than sorry. Instead of bath salts or oils, you can always light a scented candle so that your bath is still aromatic and relaxing. 

Don’t Bother With Goggles 

Some sources recommend wearing goggles or eye shields when you get in the shower. If it’s not past the curing period for your lash extensions and you really need to shower, these might be a solution. 

That said, it’d be much better to just wait a little longer. With goggles, you run the risk of your extensions snagging on the rim or a rubber strap. 

Once your adhesive has had enough time to cure, there’s no need to wear anything on your eyes. You need to wash your lashes anyway, so you might as well do it in the shower. 

Final Thoughts

Bottom line: You can absolutely shower with eyelash extensions! Bathing is important, and even your lash extensions need a wash. Just make sure to avoid any oil-based products when washing your lashes. Keep your eyes away from the water pressure, avoid any friction or rubbing, and your lashes should remain looking gorgeously fluttery for the days or weeks to come.


Are you interested in eyelash extensions aftercare? Check out our guide to know how to take care of your lash extensions to make them last longer.


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