How to Wash Your Face With Eyelash Extensions: 6 Easy Steps

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Picture this: You’re rocking a set of fresh, stunning lash extensions and the end of the day has come. You feel a little grimy or maybe you’ve been wearing makeup all day — how do you wash your face with eyelash extensions? 

Whether DIY or professional, extensions can get in the way of your normal skincare routine. Figuring out how to wash your face can be a little confusing. In this post, we’ll explain everything you need to know about washing your face with lash extensions, including when you can do it safely, how to do it, and which products you can use. 

Can You Wash Your Face With Eyelash Extensions?

You can definitely wash your face with eyelash extensions! 

With DIY lash extensions like Lilac St., our adhesive sets immediately, so you can wash your face right after applying your lashes. That said, it shouldn’t be necessary. We recommend applying your DIY extensions when your face is clean. 

If you are wearing professional extensions, you’ll probably be able to wash your face again within 4-6 hours, although in rare cases, you may have to wait up to 48 hours. Your lash technician will advise you as to how long you have to wait before you can let your lash extensions get wet. 

Not only is it possible to wash your face, but it’s also important to do. Washing your face removes makeup, sunscreen, excess oils, and grime from the day. When you’re washing your face, it’s often also a great time to wash your eyelash extensions. That oil buildup from your face can get on your lashes and weaken the glue and lead to lash loss, so washing regularly is very important. 

6 Easy Steps to Wash Your Face With Eyelash Extensions 

Keep your extensions intact and your skin thriving with these 6 easy steps to washing your face with lash extensions. 

Step 1: Remove Eye Makeup Carefully 

If you’re wearing any eye makeup, your first step should be to remove it. You can use an oil-free makeup remover or micellar water for the job. Avoid cotton pads, because they’re a little too textured. 

Instead, remove the makeup around your eyes with a soft cloth, and use a Q-tip to remove any product that’s too close to your lash line. If you’re wearing a full face of makeup, you can use a cotton pad to wipe it off the rest of your face. 

Step 2: Dispense and Prep Your Cleanser

Now, use a regular facial cleanser or wash to cleanse the rest of your face. Depending on the type of cleanser you use, the instructions might be a little different, so always consult the package. 

In most cases, you’ll want to splash your face with a bit of cool or lukewarm water. Next, dispense a small amount of cleanser, and rub it between both hands to foam it up. If you’re using a mousse or foam cleanser, this may not be necessary.

Step 3: Massage Your Face

Next, massage your face with the cleanser. Starting at the center of your face, and gently work your way outwards. Massage everywhere except for the area around your eyes.

Step 4: Rinse

Once you feel like you’ve cleansed your entire face adequately and that all grime has dissolved, you can rinse your face. Cup a little bit of water in your hands, and gently splash it on your face. Repeat this as many times as necessary to make sure all cleanser residue is gone. 

If you’re washing your face in the shower, avoid putting your face directly under the water (unless you have a luxurious rainfall-style showerhead). 

Step 5: Wash Your Lashes 

Finally, with your face clean, this is the perfect time to wash your lash extensions. Washing your lashes helps with retention by removing oil buildup. It also prevents irritation and eye infection from germs. 

Some face washes are safe for washing extensions, but for best results we recommend using a dedicated lash extension cleanser. Dispense a small amount of cleanser, and using your ring finger or a brush, carefully massage it over your lashes. Be careful and use downward motions as you cleanse. Don’t apply any pressure, so as not to pull on your lashes. 

Once you’re done, rinse your lashes with a careful splash of water. 

Step 6: Dry Safely 

Once you’re done washing your face and lashes, dry your face and extensions carefully. Use a very soft cloth or tissue, avoiding any rough towels. You can even use a blow dryer on a cool setting to speed up the lash drying time. 

As for your face, don’t dry it too thoroughly. Instead, leave it a little damp so it’ll have an easier time absorbing any skincare you use next.

how to wash your face with eyelash extensions

Helpful Tips For Washing Face With Eyelash Extensions 

Here are a few more of our top tips for keeping your lash extensions in great shape come washing time. 

Avoid Oil-Based Face Washes

You probably already know this by now, but it merits mentioning again: Avoid all oil-based products when you’re wearing lash extensions. Oils break down the adhesive, leading to faster lash loss. 

That means you should avoid balm or oil cleansers, and you should also be very careful with cream cleansers since they often contain a lot of oils. Make sure your skincare products are oil-free, as well. 

Soaps Are Also Too Harsh

This has less to do with your extensions, and more to do with your skin. Traditional soaps can be super harsh to the skin, so they irritate and dry it out. It’s always better to use gentle cleansers that only foam a little bit, because they don’t strip the skin of its natural moisture.

Careful When Scrubbing 

We say this over and over again — lash extensions and rough treatment just don’t go well together! Be very careful when massaging in your cleanser or when drying your face once you’re done washing. Any friction, whether from your fingers, a facial brush, or a face towel can accidentally pull on your lashes, leading you to lose not just some extensions but also your natural lashes. 

Avoid High Water Pressure 

If you have a powerful showerhead, be extra careful when washing your face in the shower. That glorious jet stream might feel great when it hits your aching shoulders, but as far as your extensions are concerned, it’s just as aggressive as a towel. Instead, always use your hands to splash on a bit of water, instead of putting your face directly under the stream.

Brush Your Lashes 

Brush your lashes once you’re done washing your face. You should also do it in the morning and even throughout the day. Combing detangles your lashes, which prevents added stress and lash loss. Make sure your lashes are at least semi-dry before you do this, though.

Face Washing With Eyelash Extensions: What Products To Use? 

We already mentioned you should avoid oil-based cleansers. But then, what face washes can you use safely? We’ll explain in this section. 

Foaming Cleanser 

Foaming cleansers are the safest bet for washing your face when you have lash extensions. They’re usually oil-free, and even if they’re not, the quantity in them is minimal and unlikely to break down your adhesive. 

There are two main types of foaming cleansers: Gel cleansers that foam up once you rub them in your hands with water, and pre-foamed cleansers that come out of the bottle in a lush lather. Either option works! Gel cleansers are a little more cleansing, so they’re great for oily skin but can be dehydrating for dry skin. 

If you want to use your facial cleanser to actually wash your lash extensions, it’s a little more important to choose a formula that’s oil-free. Additionally, since the skin around the eyes is so delicate, aim for gentle, mild cleansers free from fragrance. 

Micellar Water 

When it comes to makeup removal, micellar water is often the friendliest option. Micellar water is basically a very diluted type of liquid cleanser that removes makeup without irritating the skin. You can use it with a cotton pad or a soft facecloth. 

Despite what’s often suggested, we still recommend rinsing your face with water after using micellar water. 

You can also use micellar water to clean your lash extensions, but in that case, avoid using a cotton pad. Instead, use a lash cleansing brush or your ring finger. 

Lilac Lash Bath Kit

We’ve developed a lash cleaning kit specifically for cleaning DIY and professional eyelash extensions, but it’s also useful for washing your face. 

The set comes with a Lash Shampoo that’s perfect for cleaning lash extensions while keeping the glue safe. It’s technically made just for the eye area, but it would be a safe choice for the entire face. 

It also includes an ultra-soft makeup towel that can remove makeup all on its own. You can use it as is to take off light face makeup or pair it with a cleanser.

Finally, it has a dual-sided brush. One side has soft, long bristles for cleaning up the lashes, and the other features a spoolie for combing and detangling.

Final Thoughts

We hope it’s clear now — learning how to wash your face with eyelash extensions isn’t too difficult. You just need to be a little more gentle around the eyes and use a foaming cleanser that’ll be safe for the adhesive. 

To save yourself some time and keep your extensions in great shape, take the chance to clean your lash extensions while washing your face. Extensions or not, clean lashes are happy lashes!


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