How to Clean False Lashes The Right Way?

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One of the best things about applying DIY lash extensions at home is that you can effectively enhance your lashes without seeing a beauty professional. This means that you can give your eyelashes the perfect boost without paying a lot of money or spending a lot of time. But wearing fake eyelashes requires special maintenance to keep them in good and high-quality condition. Here’s how to clean false eyelashes the right way.

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  • Read this guide to find out how to clean fake eyelashes correctly.
  • We will explain the techniques and steps required to do this properly.
  • We will also discuss reusing and the best ways to store false eyelashes.

Can I Reuse False Lashes?

How to Clean False Lashes The Right Way?

False eyelashes can be reused, but they come with a ‘shelf life’, so to speak. On average, false eyelashes will begin to decline in quality after four or five uses, and with proper care and maintenance, your false eyelashes could be used up to 20 times. False sets can be reused, but not single-lash sets.

In order to maintain the quality of false eyelashes, it’s important to clean the lashes before using them and store them properly after taking them off. Also, make sure you remove your lashes before you go to bed, and make sure you keep them in a sealable package.

How To Clean False Eyelashes?

So, you might be wondering how to clean false eyelashes properly. Well, if you follow our simple, step-by-step guide, you can be sure to keep your false eyelashes clean and well-maintained. Here’s how.

Step 1: Wipe Them Down

To get started, you will need to wipe down your false eyelashes. For this step, you will need a cotton ball (or two), a makeup remover, and a small bowl. Pour some of the makeup remover in a plastic or glass bowl, then soak the cotton ball in the makeup remover. Once the cotton ball has been fully absorbed, gently dab on the false eyelashes and cleanse until the makeup residue and eyelash glue has been completely removed from the lashes.

Step 2: Rub Away Eye Makeup And Glue

When using and reusing false eyelashes, the glue used during the application process can build up over time, so it’s important to clean your false lashes before applying them to your real lashes as part of your makeup look. Keep your false eyelashes refreshed and preserve them by gently removing the glue until you can see the natural lash band, and repeat this process every time you take off your false lashes.

Step 3: Use Another Cotton Swab Dipped in Warm Water

Grab another cotton and dip in warm water. Then, dab on the false eyelashes to remove any remaining mascara. Removing every bit of build up and mascara is a really effective way to keep them clean and fresh. Unfortunately, mascara can shorten the lifespan of false eyelashes so it’s important to remove every bit and avoid applying waterproof mascara over fake eyelashes, as they can take so much effort to remove.

Step 4: Disinfect

Once you’ve cleaned your false lashes, it’s time to disinfect them. You can do this by soaking a cotton ball or pad in rubbing alcohol and gently rub all over the false lashes and adhesive strip.

Step 5: Let Them Dry

After cleaning and disinfecting your false lashes, it’s time to let them dry. You can reshape the lashes when wet, but afterwards, it’s important to let them air-dry to prevent bacteria or mold from growing on the lashes.

Allow lashes to air-dry completely before reusing them, and avoid using artificially drying products such as hairdryers - after all, you don’t want to apply dried-out and straw-like lashes to your makeup look!

How To Properly Store Lashes?

In order to keep your clean false eyelashes lasting longer for reuse, preservation is key. To store, preserve and maintain your false lashes properly, you can store them in the packaging they came in as long as they can be sealed. Alternatively, you can use sealable bags or containers to store your false lashes.

Once the lashes start to lose their quality, then it’s time to throw them away. However, if you follow this guide, regularly clean false eyelashes the right way, and take extra care of them, then they should last as long as possible and stay in tip-top condition.

What did you think of this guide on how to clean false lashes the right way? Did you find it useful? Let us know!

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