Waterproof Eyelashes

Water is no threat to the waterproof false lashes from Lilac St. Our DIY lash extensions are designed to stay put for up to 5 or 10 days, depending on the glue you choose. They’re easy to apply at home but they look like professional extensions. You can shower, swim, or exercise in Lilac St. lashes, and you can even wear them to bed at night!

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Our Lash Materials

Our lashes are made from materials that hold up well against water exposure. The waterproof eyelashes themselves are constructed of lightweight yet durable vegan silk. The ultra-thin bands are 100% cotton, to fit comfortably against your natural lashes. Our materials are gentle, hypoallergenic, and waterproof.

waterproof eyelashes

Waterproof Lash Adhesive

Both of our lash glues are waterproof! Our Pro Glue is the stronger of the two, with the ability to keep your lash extensions intact for up to 10 days. If you’d prefer to change your look a little more often, our classic Lilac Lash Glue lasts for up to 5 days. 

Just so you know: While our lash adhesives are waterproof, the lashes may still come off if you place your head directly under a high-pressure stream of water. Thankfully, if a cluster falls off, putting it back on is quick and easy!

waterproof eyelashes

Crystal Coat to Further Protect Your Lashes

No matter which lashes you’re wearing, our Crystal Coat provides added protection. It creates a protective seal over your lash extensions. Use it to repel water and dirt, eliminate stickiness, and add a gorgeous sheen to your look. With the Crystal Coat, you can get more wear out of your waterproof fake lashes and extensions.

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Soft and Natural to Totally Glam

Lilac St. DIY extensions give you the room to get creative. Our lashes come in a wide range of styles and lengths, so you can be your own stylist. Use them to create delicate, natural looks, dramatic, glamorous styles, or anything in between. Since Lilac St. lashes come in clusters, you can mix and match them to create endless combinations to suit your tastes and flatter your eye shape.

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