Hybrid Lashes Unveiled: The Complete A-Z Guide

Do you dream of lashes that look very fluttery yet lush? If so, hybrid lashes are exactly the look for you. This popular lash extension technique creates Kim K-worthy lashes by combining voluminous flares with individual extensions.

If you’d like to learn all about hybrid lash extensions, this post is for you. We’ll explain what they are, how they compare to other lash styles, and how you can achieve the hybrid look at home with the right Lilac St. lashes.

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How Long Do Hybrid Lashes Last?

As with other professional eyelash extension services, hybrid lashes last for around two to four weeks. On the extreme end, you can still retain some lashes after six weeks. 

This is because of the natural lash-shedding cycle. The extensions are attached to the natural lashes, which we shed naturally over time. Each time you shed a natural lash, you also lose an extension. By the time four weeks pass, you’ll want to get a refill or have your lash extensions professionally removed. 

How to Apply Hybrid Lashes?

If you’re a layperson at home, applying hybrid eyelash extensions isn’t possible. The technique requires that both of your eyes are shut at the same time. You won’t be able to see what you’re doing as you’re applying your extensions!

If you intend to apply your hybrid lashes by yourself, opt for DIY lashes instead. Putting them on is a breeze: 

  • Make sure your lashes are clean and curled. 
    1. Apply a coat of Lilac Lash Glue, just as you would mascara, and give it a few seconds to get tacky. 
    2. Attach the lash clusters one by one to the underside of your lashes, about a millimeter away from the lash line. 
    3. Use your applicator to fuse your lashes and extensions together. 
    4. Finish with a light layer of Crystal Coat to seal the lashes and adhesive and remove tackiness.  

    Best Lilac St. DIY Hybrid Lashes 

    Here are the DIY lash extension styles that’ll give you the hybrid lash effect. They’re easy to apply, and they stay in place for up to 10 days for a fraction of the cost of professional extensions!  


    If you’re aiming for a soft, fluttery look, the Prism lashes are perfection. They have a dynamic mix of length and volume variation, with ultra-soft, thin fiber. The look they create is eye-catching without feeling overwhelming. 

    prism hybrid lashes


    When you’re after a more glamorous aesthetic, our Hollywood lashes deliver. They’re a little bolder and spikier, with that same fluttery mix of clusters but more intense length variation. The result is lashes that open your eyes right up and capture a whole lot of attention. 

    hollywood hybrid lashes

    French Lace 

    If you like the soft blend of textures that hybrid lashes offer but don’t want spikiness, French Lace is the lash for you. This delicate design has long, wispy clusters that are loosely packed, with an underlayer of short bristles for soft volume. 

    french lace hybrid lashes


    Give our Midnight lashes a try if you want a dark and voluminous look with variation in texture but without spikiness. Midnight looks a little like hybrid lashes, although, in reality, they’re more reminiscent of tightly-clustered volume lashes. The final look is all drama and boldness!  

    midnight hybrid lashes

    Met Gala 

    For a bolder-than-bold look, our Met Gala lashes are an even more avant-garde twist on spiky hybrid lashes. Ultra-long volume flares in the center and shorter wisps in the outer edge of each cluster create a big, anime eye effect. 

    met gala hybrid lashes

    Hybrid Lashes vs. Other Styles (Classic and Volume Lashes)

    As you can tell from the name, hybrid lashes are actually a combination of classic lashes and volume lashes. They’re an excellent option if you want a look that’s in between! 

    Compared to classic lashes, hybrid lashes are more dramatic and fluttery. They’re also more costly than classics since they call for more time, skill, and effort on the part of your lash technician.  

    Compared to volume lashes, hybrid lashes are a little softer and more textured, although this can also depend on your lash stylist’s technique. There are ways to create “spiky” volume lashes that look like a more voluminous but still fluttery version of hybrid lashes. Hybrid lashes are a little more affordable since they don’t call for as many volume clusters. 





    Cost (Full Set)



    Staggered and feathery



    3-5 weeks


    Natural and simple

    Light to Medium


    2-4 weeks


    Very voluminous and dramatic

    Medium to Heavy


    4-6 weeks 

    Lilac St. DIY Lashes 

    Any look you dream of


    $7 per set 

    Up to 10 days 


    How Much Do Hybrid Lashes Cost?

    Hybrid lash extensions usually cost between $150 and $200 for a full set, while a refill usually costs around $50 to $100. Considering you’ll need refills at least once a month, upkeeping your lashes over the course of a year can run upwards of $1300. By comparison, Lilac St. DIY lash extensions, which are reusable, only cost $7 per set. 


    Hybrid Lashes Side Effects

    While hybrid lash extensions are largely safe, there are some potential risks and side effects you should be aware of. 

    • Irritation can occur, especially if any of the adhesives comes in contact with your eyes or skin. It can lead to redness, itchiness, or swelling, either to the eyelids or the eyes. 
    • Allergic reactions can also cause similar symptoms. It can be hard to tell the difference between allergic reactions to lash extensions and irritation, although it often comes down to severity and how long it takes the symptoms to fade. 
    • Infection can occur if there are any hygiene issues during the application process or during aftercare. An infection, in addition to irritating the eyes, can also lead to a gritty or sticky feeling. 

    Eye-watering or slight stinging is common immediately after the application and isn’t a cause for concern if it goes away on its own quickly. If you experience any of the other side effects, you should remove your lash extensions and let your eyes calm down. If the issues don’t subside, speak to your doctor.  

    Hybrid Lashes Aftercare

    Caring for your hybrid lash extensions guarantees that they’ll last longer and look better, whether they’re professionally applied or DIY. 

    • Stay away from water for the first few hours after your application or as directed by your lash extension stylist. 
    • Once you’re allowed to get your lashes wet, make sure to wash them regularly with a lash shampoo and soft eyelash brush. This will remove debris and oils that can build up and irritate your eyes or cause lash loss. 
    • Using a clean mascara spoolie, brush your lashes to fluff them up and detangle them. Do this at least once or twice a day. 
    • Avoid anything that can cause friction against your lashes, including rubbing your eyes, sleeping with your face pressed against the pillow, or putting your face directly under the spray when you shower.  

    FAQs About Hybrid Lashes

    Can I apply hybrid eyelashes on my own?

    On your own, you can apply DIY hybrid lash extensions that last for up to ten days. Professional lash extensions that last for a few weeks should only be applied by a certified lash technician.

    Do hybrid lashes damage your natural lashes?

    When applied correctly by an experienced professional, hybrid lash extensions shouldn’t damage your natural lashes. That said, issues can crop up with poor aftercare or bad application technique.  

    Can I remove hybrid lashes at home on my own?

    It’s safest to have your hybrid lash extensions removed by a professional. If you can’t visit the salon, then there are a few ways to remove eyelash extensions at home

    How often should I have hybrid lash extension infills?

    Most professionals recommend coming in for infills at least every two to three weeks and waiting no longer than four weeks. 

    Can I get lash extensions if my eyes are sensitive?

    You’ll want to think twice before getting lash extensions with sensitive eyes. The lash glue can often be a little irritating. For some, the added weight over the eyes can be a problem. 

    Always conduct a patch test with the adhesive by applying a small amount to your outer lashes around 24 hours before applying your lash extensions. You can do it yourself with the Lilac St. Lash Glue or ask your lash technician to do it for you during a consultation.

    Can I wear mascara with hybrid eyelashes?

    It’s better to skip mascara with hybrid lashes since the removal process can cause you to lose lashes. That said, if you really want to wear mascara with your lash extensions, make sure to use an extension-safe, washable formula or a dedicated lash extension sealant.  

    Can I swim or shower with hybrid eyelashes?

    Yes! You can swim and shower with both professionally applied and DIY hybrid eyelashes. It’s important you wait long enough for the lash adhesive to set completely (this can take a few hours or up to a day, depending on the type of adhesive). Additionally, be careful to avoid putting your face directly under the water stream to avoid having the force of the water pull on your lashes.  

    What is the difference between hybrid and volume lashes?

    With volume lashes, you have a cluster of multiple extension lashes attached to a single lash, which creates a very voluminous and lush look. With hybrid lashes, you get a mix of both clusters and individual extension lashes, which results in a more textured and fluttery look.  


    Final Thoughts

    Hybrid lash extensions are beautiful and unique. They’re an eye-catching alternative to more uniform classic and volume lashes, which is why they’re favored by so many celebs. 

    You can get hybrid eyelash extensions applied professionally, but if you’d like to save your time and money, Lilac St. lashes like Prism, Hollywood, and French Lace offer the same aesthetic at varying levels of flutter and drama. 

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