Lash Perfection: Elevate Your Look with Volume Extensions

When it comes to beauty, sometimes you want a natural and soft vibe. Other times, you want drama and glamor. During those times, volume eyelash extensions can transform your whole look! 

This ultra-popular lash extension technique creates ultra-soft and dense lashes that significantly amp up the glam factor. In this guide, we’ll explain what volume lash extensions are, cover their main types, and suggest the best DIY volume lash extensions from Lilac St. 


What Are Volume Eyelash Extensions?

The term volume eyelash extensions refers to a lash extension application technique that results in very full, lush, and soft-looking lashes. To create volume lash extensions, a lash technician glues multiple thin extension lashes to each natural lash. 

They’re often referred to as Russian volume lashes or 2D/3D/4D/etc. Depending on the number of extension lashes attached to each lash. By adding many thin lashes rather than a few thicker lashes, volume lash extensions create additional volume and drama while keeping the lashes healthy. 

Some lash technicians create the volume lash bundles during appointments, while others use pre-made bundles they’ve either made or purchased. There are also DIY lash extensions in voluminous styles that allow you to save on lash extensions by doing them yourself. 

Volume lash extensions can be applied in different lash extension styles such as cat-eye, doll-eye, wispy, and more. Because of that, they can be a suitable lash option for all eye shapes. 

Types of Volume Lash Extensions

The different volume eyelash extensions are largely based on how many extension lashes are attached to each natural lash:

  • Traditional volume extensions feature bundles of 2 to 6 extensions per natural lash for a bold look.
  • Russian volume extensions aren’t well-defined, and different lash technicians may interpret the term differently. They generally fall within the traditional “volume extension” category but feature fine, soft extension lashes with flared-out lash fans.
  • Mega volume extensions can include 7 to 20 ultra-fine extension lashes (i.e., 7D-20D) per one natural lash for an extremely volumized look.
  • Wispy volume extensions have a soft and textured look thanks to variations in length and fanning of the extension lashes.
  • DIY Volume Lash Extensions are a budget-friendly alternative to professional extensions. They’re designed in segments that are easy to attach to the lash line and can stay put for up to 7 days. They come in a range of styles, including volume extensions.

Lilac’s Voluminous Eyelash Extensions

From our bestselling Volume lashes to our wispier voluminous styles, here are the Lilac St. DIY lashes that will give you that volume lash extension look. 


Inspired by professional volume lash extensions, our Volume DIY lashes deliver soft, fluffy volume. Each lash segment boasts six clusters of ultra-fine lash fibers that criss-cross for a flared-out effect. Adding enough length variation ensures a more dynamic and textured look. 


The Lilac St. Uptown lashes have the density of volume lash extensions but with more defined clusters. They feature three whole and dense lash clusters per segment. The lashes have just enough flaring for a soft look but not so much as to take away from the boldness of this mod-inspired style. 


Our Midnight lashes combine the fullness of volume lashes with a romantic feel. The lashes on each segment are not too tightly clustered. They flare out in a big criss-cross that offers lightness with some definition. This results in a soft, fluffy look that still delivers the drama of volume extensions. 


Finally, the Lilac St. Icon lashes bring the whole drama of Russian volume eyelash extensions. They’re our densest, most eye-catching volume lash extensions. The design features ultra-soft and thin individual fibers that combine tight to bring the glam factor. They criss-cross in smaller clusters for the perfect soft flare and deep intensity balance. 

Tips For Applying DIY Volume Lash Extensions

Professional volume lash extensions can take years to master, but applying DIY volume lash extensions yourself is a breeze! Here’s how to do it.

  • Always start with clean lashes.
  • Optionally, prep your lashes with the Lilac Lash Conditioning Primer for better hold.
  • Next, apply your lash glue of choice to both the underside of your lashes and to the base of your first lash segment. Give the glue a few seconds to dry.
  • Attach your first lash segment to the underside of your lash line using an applicator.
  • Repeat with the other segments, making sure they overlap slightly to ensure a seamless look.
  • Finally, seal the look with the crystal coat.Don’t be afraid to play with different lengths of lash clusters to achieve different styles of volume lashes.
  • If you want a bold mega volume lash extension effect, you can apply two layers of lash extension segments on top of each other.
  • Clean your lashes daily with the Lilac Lash Bath Kit to ensure safety and longevity.

How Long Do Volume Lash Extensions Last?

With professional extensions, the lashes tend to become increasingly sparse as they shed naturally. Volume eyelash extensions can last for up to six weeks. Most technicians will ask you to get refills every 3-4 weeks to ensure you can maintain your look. 

With DIY volume lash extensions, the lashes can stay in place for around a week as long as they’re well-cared for. The lash segments are reusable, so you can re-apply them repeatedly. 

What’s the Difference Between Volume, Classic, and Hybrid Lashes? 

The main techniques for applying professional lash extensions are volume, classic, and hybrid. As we already explained, volume lash extensions feature several extension lashes attached to a single natural lash. With classic lash extensions, only one extension lash is attached to each natural lash. The extensions for classic lashes are a little thicker than those used for volume lashes, so the final look can still be quite dramatic without that. 

With hybrid lash extensions, there is a mix of single classic lashes that are usually a little thicker and clusters of volume lashes for a textured and dynamic look. 

How Much Do Volume Lash Extensions Cost?

Volume lash extensions are the most expensive option for professional salon applications. A complete set usually costs around $200-$250, while mega-volume eyelash extensions can reach $500. Volume lash extension refills can cost between $85 and $150. 

If you want to save, DIY eyelash extensions are an affordable alternative. You can apply them at home; they will stay in place for days. Unlike professional volume extensions, a single set of Llac DIY lash extensions only costs $11.00. Plus, you can reuse your DIY lash segments repeatedly, so there aren’t as many ongoing costs. 

Bottom Line

Volume lash extensions have taken the beauty world by storm, delivering a fluffy and glamorous frame to the eyes. They can be created in many different styles and intensities. Whether you choose to splurge on professional volume eyelash extensions or to save with ultra budget-friendly DIY lash extensions, we’re sure you’ll love the look.