Say Hello to Gorgeous Fluffy Eyelash Extensions

Fluffy eyelash extensions are a mood. The soft yet glamorous lash style is uniquely beautiful, adding lushness and intensity to the frame of your eyes. If you like the look of fluffy eyelash extensions, we’re about to blow your mind: Did you know you can do your fluffy eyelash extensions at home? 

We cover everything you need about fluffy lashes, including which Lilac St. DIY lash extensions will give you that coveted look. 


What Are Fluffy Lash Extensions?

Fluffy eyelash extensions are simply as described: Lash extensions that look fluffy and soft. This effect is usually best achieved by using clusters with many very fine and thin extension fibers for professional lash extensions. The high density of such fine lashes results in a very soft effect. 

Fluffy DIY lash extensions can deliver that same full and soft effect at a fraction of the cost of professional ones.  

Different Styles of Fluffy Eyelash Extensions

There are so many ways to rock fluffy eyelash extensions, but these are some of the main styles you might want to consider.

  • Doll-eye or rounded lashes are a technique where the extensions are longest above the center of the eye. They help open up the eyes, contributing to a feminine and youthful look. This style pairs well with fluffy eyelash extensions.
  • Cat-eye lash extensions are shortest near the inner corner of the eye and longest near the outer corner. This style does a beautiful job of lifting and elongating the eyes and tends to lend the wearer a more sultry look.
  • Subtle or natural eyelash extensions feature a lash length distribution with some variance to mimic natural lash lengths. This technique pairs nicely with smaller or shorter fluffy lash extensions.
  • Staggered lash extensions have a more noticeable length distribution, which creates either a spiky or wispy lash look.

Benefits of Fluffy Eyelash Extensions

Here are a few key reasons you’ll want to try fluffy eyelash extensions!

  • They’re ultra-glam: Fluffy lash extensions are undeniably glamorous, perfect for special events.
  • Soft: Some glamorous lash extensions can seem heavy, but fluffy lashes retain a smoother, lighter appearance that won’t overwhelm the eyes.
  • Long-lasting: Both professional and DIY fluffy lash extensions can last long! Professional extensions can stay put for up to four weeks, while DIY ones can last up to 10 days.

Lilac St. Fluffy Lash Extensions 

Whether you want fluffy lash extensions for daily wear or big weekend events, Lilac St. has you covered! DIY lash extensions let you create that bold and glamorous look at home for a fraction of the cost of professional extensions. 

A single application stays put for days with waterproof, sleep-proof lashes. Applying your fluffy Lilac St lashes on is quick and easy, and you can reuse the lash segments repeatedly! For a fluffy look, these are our favorite lash designs. 


Our lash extensions in Uptown are our fluffiest design. The ultra-fine fibers and soft, straightforward bundles create a lush look with a touch of definition. The final look perfectly combines the glamor of volume lashes with soft, fluffy wispiness. 


Our Original lashes have a classic feel but with some fluffiness thanks to their fine, soft fibers. They feature a bit of crisscrossing near the base, so as the clusters flare out, they give a feathery and wispy vibe. Our medium-length options, like the 12 mm and 14 mm, look fluffier! 


The Feather lashes combine a soft, fluffy feel with staggered length for a romantic look with a lot of movement. These fluttery lashes feature two defined clusters on each lash segment, which crisscross in the center to enhance their density and define the base of the lash line. 


If your priority is depth and drama but with a little fluffiness, too, opt for our Volume lashes. They’re tightly packed with fine fibers that crisscross at the base for incredible fullness. They’re a little too intense and defined to be ultra-fluffy, but they still have that feminine softness you crave. 


Our beautiful Prism lash extensions combine fluffy softness and airy wispiness. These multi-dimensional lashes have different mixed-length fibers that create a fluttery effect. The lashes crisscross in a grid-like pattern that enhances and frames the eyes alluringly. They’re ideal if you want long, fluffy lashes that won’t feel heavy.


Fluffy lashes can still be a bit edgy! Our Hollywood lashes combine fluffy center spikes with wispy, shorter layers. They define the eyes and create interest while still retaining some softness. We love layering them under other styles for a customized fluffy look. 

How Long Do Fluffy Lash Extensions Last?

In the case of professionally applied fluffy lash extensions, you can expect your look to last for up to 4 weeks before needing a fill. Because they’re volume lashes, they stay put for longer than classic ones. 

If you choose DIY lash extensions, you can expect one application to last for up to 10 days, especially if you use our durable Lilac PRO Lash Glue. Applying DIY lashes is quick and easy, so you won’t have any issues consistently maintaining your look. 

Tips for Applying Fluffy Lash Extensions

If you choose to DIY your fluffy lash extensions, we have a few tips to ensure you achieve your desired look. 

  • Don’t choose overly long lash extensions. As lashes get longer, they spread out more, and there’s more separation between the lash fibers, resulting in wispiness that can compromise your fluff levels.
  • Make sure to go with a lash style that will suit your eye shape, and plan out your lash map before you start applying your lashes.
  • Double up on your DIY segments for the most dense and dramatic fluffy lash extension look possible. The segments fit well together, allowing you to mix different textures.
  • Before applying for the lash extensions, clean your eyes and apply a conditioning DIY lash primer.
  • For the best level of adhesion, apply your adhesive to both your natural lashes and your lash extension segments.
  • Start applying the fluffy lash extension segments, one by one, from the underside of your lash line.
  • Work your way inwards, and make sure each new segment you apply overlaps the previous one.
  • Use your lash extension applicator to squeeze your lashes and the extensions together for a few seconds.
  • Finally, seal your lashes in place with the Crystal Coat.

Bottom Line

Fluffy lash extensions will bring all the romance and drama to your look. They’re a glamorous choice that isn’t too heavy or over the top and looks so soft. Whether you choose luxurious professional extensions or customizable DIY ones, we know you’ll love them if you try them!