How Much Do Eyelash Extensions Cost?

how much do eyelash extensions cost

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Eyelash extensions vary in price as all beauty services do. Prices depend on the salon, its location, the technician, the service, and more. The price will also vary depending on your specific eyelashes and eye shape. 

Eyelash extensions can cost anywhere from $30 to $200 on average. This excludes high-end materials, luxury salons, and add-on services or tipping.

We cover all nuances that affect the price of eyelash extensions in this article. There are also ways to make the service more affordable for those interested.

What Affects The Price of Lash Extensions?

The following factors affect the price of getting eyelash extensions applied: 

  • The Location - What state, town, or city you get them done
  • The Lash Salon - High-end salons, spas, or independent technicians 
  • The Eyelash Technician - How much experience the tech has 
  • Lash Materials, Types, and Styles - The products and the hair used for application

  • It’s important to understand how these variables change the price of your lash service.


    Where you buy your eyelash extensions will play a role in the price you pay. Prices will rise in populated towns, cities, and states and lower in less populated areas.

    The Lash Salon

    If you choose to have eyelash extensions installed at a high-end salon, it will raise the price. If you go to a technician working from their house, this may lower the cost.

    Most lash studios also charge more for the first application. Refill applications usually cut the cost in half. 

    For example, a studio may charge $175 for the first application, and $65 for each visit after that. 

    If you’re looking for a luxury experience, a lash bar or high-end salon will be worth the extra cost. But if you’re looking to spend less, consider a more affordable salon or DIY eyelash extensions.

    The Lash Professional

    Like a haircut, the cost of lash extensions depends on the experience level of the technician. If a technician is new to the industry, their price will reflect that. Technicians with 5 years of experience will charge more for their expertise.

    Lash technicians working for themselves have the freedom to charge what they please. For this reason, the price varies when working with an independent technician.

    It's important to take these factors into consideration when selecting a technician.

    Find a Lash Professional Within Your Price Range

    google search

    Since there are so many variables that affect pricing, how can you find a tech that fits your budget?

    How to Find a Lash Professional Within Your Price Range:

      1. Google Search
      2. Ask Friends for Referrals
      3. Consider Different Technicians in the Same Facility 
      4. Use Social Media
      5. Read Reviews

      1. Google Search

      When you Google local eyelash techs and lash bars, make sure to narrow your search using keywords.  

      For example, search: 

      “Mink Eyelash Extensions Brooklyn, NY” 

      This will help narrow your search and find locations near you that offer the service you’re looking for. Here’s what the search should look like: 

      Beauty salons local results

      2. Ask Friends for Referrals

      If you have a friend with a nice set of lashes, ask them where they got them done! Referrals are powerful since they reduce your chance of dissatisfaction with a service. 

      3. Consider Different Technicians in the Same Facility 

      Different technicians can vary in price while working at the same salon. If you can't afford one technician, ask if any new technicians are in training. are offering discounted services during training.

      New technicians offer discounts while building their client base and gathering testimonials.

      If you do this, ensure the new technician's certification status. A professional should also shadow them during the process.

      You must ensure the safety and the health of your eyelashes!  Eyelash extensions can damage the natural lashes if applied wrong.

      4. Use Social Media

      Many lash techs share before-and-after photos of their clients online. 

      Search up your lash technician’s website, Instagram, or Facebook to see if their quality matches their price.

      5. Read Reviews

      Once you find a few technicians within your budget, look for reviews online. Google, Yelp, and Facebook are a few ways to see what people thought of the service.

      Customers won’t be shy about sharing bad experiences online. This ensures you get a well–rounded experience.

      Remember – this is an act of self-care, and you want to get the best service possible at a price that’s affordable to you!

      Lash Materials

      Let's get back to factors that affect how much eyelash extensions cost. The material of the eyelash extension itself is a big differentiator in price.

      Three Main Eyelash Extension Materials:

        1. Synthetic Lashes
        2. Silk Lashes
        3. Mink Lashes

        Synthetic eyelash extensions are the most popular due to their affordability. In some cases, the quality of the lash could be compromised so it’s important to be aware of the lashes being used.

        Silk eyelash extensions are a happy medium - beautiful, yet affordable. This is why Lilac St. Self-Applicating Eyelash Extensions are made out of silk!

        Mink eyelash extensions are known for being the most costly, yet looking the most natural. If you want mink eyelash extensions, expect to add around $200 to the cost for the eyelashes alone. 

        Lash Extension Cost By Types

        Beyond lash material, there are three types of eyelash extensions to consider as well.

        Three Eyelash Extension Types: 

          1. Classic Eyelash Extensions
          2. Volume (Russian) Extensions
          3. Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

          Classic eyelash extensions are applied by gluing a single lash extension to each natural eyelash.

          Volume eyelash extensions have various categories, Russian lashes being the most popular. These are applied by gluing 4-6 thin extensions per one natural lash, fanned out to add sultry volume. 

          Hybrid eyelash extensions mix both classic and volume lashes for a lush look. This is applied along the entire lash line or concentrated on a particular area, such as the outer corner.

          Figure out which lash type works best with your eye shape by reading the Complete Guide to Eyelash Extension Styles

          How Much Do Classic Eyelash Extensions Cost?

          On average, a classic lash extension style will cost $165. This price can vary by $50, depending on the other factors we’ve discussed.

          Classic eyelash extensions are the most affordable, with their fill-ins costing approximately $70.

          How Much Are Volume (Russian) Lashes?

          Volume lashes are the most expensive style with an average cost of $230 and a volume fill for $95. 

          This service takes longer and requires more materials, thus raising the price.

          How Much Do Hybrid Lashes Cost?

          Hybrid lashes cost just under $200, and a hybrid fill is about $85. 

          They are an affordable option for medium volume to achieve drama without the steep price tag.

          How Much Are Eyelash Extensions At A Salon?

          Luxury salons can charge over $500 for lash extensions applied by a top-tier technician, not counting service fees.

          Also - don’t forget to tip! Like any other beauty service, you should tip your eyelash technician an average of 20% - 25% for a job well done.

          Customer Experience

          Be prepared for your eyelash appointment and manage your expectations before arriving. 

          During eyelash extension application, you have to sit still in the salon chair for about 2 hours. Don't forget you'll also have your eyes closed. 

          Be prepared and free your calendar up!

          How Much Are Eyelash Extension Refills?

          Here’s a chart describing eyelash extension costs and their refills. These numbers will vary depending on many other factors as we’ve discussed. 

          This is simply a rule of thumb to use when planning your eyelash extension purchase.

          Eyelash Extension Type

          Eyelash Refill Cost

          Classic Extensions

          Approx. $70

          Volume Extensions

          Approx. $95

          Hybrid Extensions

          Approx. $85

          Refill applications can range from an hour to an hour and a half. 

          The good news is the price will go down once you’ve paid the initial cost for the first application. 

          The bad news? If you take a break from applying lashes and remove them all, you will pay full price again the next time you go.

          How Much To Remove Eyelash Extensions?

          Having eyelashes removed by a technician will cost an average of $25-$35. If you’d like to attempt to remove them at home, make sure to be gentle. Use this guide if you’re not sure how.

          Protect Your Lash Investment

          If you protect your lash investment, your lash extensions could last for about 3-6 weeks.

          Preserve your eyelash extensions by taking the following precautions: 

              • Avoid side-sleeping or sleeping on your face 
              • Refrain from using oil-based products on or around the lash extensions
              • Stop rubbing your eyes
              • Clean your extensions

          If you’re unsure how to clean your extensions, read How to Clean False Lashes The Right Way.

          Is At-Home Lash Application a Better Option?

          If this sounds overwhelming and expensive, there are alternative options. You could apply your own eyelash extensions at home for a fraction of the cost.

          Although it can take getting used to, there are many resources on How to Apply Your Own Eyelash Extensions At Home

          After a couple of tries, you’ll be a pro and save tons of cash in no time while rocking the fluffiest, prettiest lashes. 

          easy application

          Lilac St. has a Deluxe Starter Kit with everything you’ll need to apply your first set of lashes for $65.

          The Deluxe Starter Kit Includes: 

              • 3 Sets of Lashes (You Choose!)
              • Clear or Black PRO Lash Glue (You Choose!)
              • Lash Primer
              • Crystal Coat Lash Sealant (for Extended Wear)
              • Ciao for Now Lash Remover
              • Travel Case
              • Applicator

          This is a great option if you want to skip the salon. You can remove your eyelash extensions at home with the Ciao For Now Lash Remover and How To Remove Eyelash Extensions: A Step-By-Step Guide.

          Once you have all the items you need at home, you can buy individual Lilac St. lash sets priced at only $7! 

          You also have the option to purchase lash collections – our Champagne Glam Collection offers 9 lash extension sets for $72.

          Final Thoughts

          As you can see, eyelash extensions are a time-consuming and costly investment. They require precise application and careful maintenance for a painless experience. 

          Despite those things, many women all over the globe would consider them worth it. 

          How much would you pay to roll out of bed in the morning, look in the mirror, and feel beautiful before applying makeup? That is what all the buzz is about. 

          It's also a time-saver for anyone who wishes they didn’t have to remove their makeup every night and reapply it every morning. 

          So many women get eyelash extensions so they can leave the house without makeup to run an errand and still feel put together. Now that - seems worth it.






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