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How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

how long do eyelash extensions last

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If you’re curious about extensions, it makes sense to wonder: how long do eyelash extensions last? 

While there is no cut-and-dry timeframe, you can expect your lash extensions to last for anywhere from 3-6 weeks. The costs of lash refill appointments can add up, so the longer you can get your extensions to last, the more money you’ll save in the long run. 

There are a few factors that impact how long your extensions stay put. While you can’t control all of them, there are still a lot of things you can do. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you should know to properly care for your lash extensions, to keep them looking great for as long as possible.

How Can You Make Eyelash Extensions Last?

To understand how to get your lashes to last long, it’s important to know what causes them to shed in the first place. 

First, there’s your lash technician’s equipment and skill. For best results, read reviews before choosing a salon. Look specifically for reviews that mention how long clients manage to wait between appointments. 

Then, there’s the question of how you care for your lashes. Proper aftercare is essential - we give some tips for how to do it correctly below. 

Finally, the only factor you can’t control is your lash shedding cycle. Eyelash extensions attach to your natural lashes - not the skin. When you shed an eyelash, you’ll also shed the extension attached to it. It’s natural to lose up to 5 lashes per day, so by the time 6 weeks roll around, you’ll definitely lose enough lashes to require a refill. 

Aftercare Tips for Making Your Extensions Last

  • After getting your lashes done, avoid any exposure to water and humidity. Your technician will tell you exactly how long you need to wait based on the type of glue and how long it takes to set. Generally, you’ll need to keep your lashes dry for at least 8 hours, and possibly up to 48 hours. 
  • Avoid pulling on your lashes or touching your eyes, as that can cause your natural lashes to fall off along with the extensions. 
  • Oil can disintegrate the lash adhesives, so avoid oily skincare products or makeup removers around the eyes, unless you want to remove your lash extensions. 
  • That said, it’s still important to keep your lashes clean. Once the initial curing period is over, make sure to wash your lashes every night with a lash-safe cleanser, like the one in our Lash Cleaning Kit.
  • Your lash extensions may come off more easily if they get tangled. Use a spoolie to brush them once or twice a day and make sure they’re separated.  
  • Many lash technicians recommend using a lash sealant. Lash sealants look just like clear or black mascara. They create a protective coat over your lash extensions to prevent the adhesive from degrading. Our Lilac Lash Crystal Coat is fantastic for both professional extensions and DIY extensions.  
  • Finally, if you plan to refresh your lash extensions, don’t wait too long. If you lose too many lashes, your technician will have to charge you for a full set of lashes instead of a refill. 

DIY Extensions as an At-Home Alternative

If you’re looking to save or you’re too busy to consistently visit the salon, DIY extensions are a fantastic alternative to professional extensions. 

You can apply them by yourself at home, and they’ll stay put for multiple days. Lilac St. DIY extensions come in an extensive range of styles, from subtle and natural to glamorous and dramatic, and you can always mix and match to create your own style! 

Our Pro Lash Glue ensures they stay put for up to 10 days. While they might not last as long as professional extensions, you’ll still save time in the long run since they’re so fast and easy to apply. 


If you still have some questions related to how long lash extensions last and how to make them last longer, we’ve got answers! 

Can you shower with eyelash extensions?

Yes! Once the initial period when you need to avoid water passes, you can shower. Make sure to avoid placing your face directly under strong water jets. For best results, it’s better to cup the water and splash it on your face when cleansing in the shower. 

Why do my lash extensions fall out so fast?

If your lash extensions fall out very rapidly, double-check that you’re doing your aftercare correctly. For example, make sure that you’re not using any oil-based products that can break down the adhesive. It’s also possible that the issue is with your lash technician, so you may want to find a different service provider. 

If your lashes fall out quickly despite going to a reputable salon and following proper aftercare, your natural lashes might be the problem. Consider speaking to your doctor or seeking a referral to a trichologist to see if you’re dealing with a health issue that’s leading to eyelash loss. 

Can you get eyelash extensions forever?

If you take great care of your extensions and go in for consistent refills, you might be able to keep your lash extensions forever. Just keep in mind that while lash extensions are probably safe, research is limited. We don’t know if there are any long-term repercussions to wearing extensions 24/7 for years and years. 

How long do professionally applied eyelashes last?

Professionally applied lash extensions can last anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks, depending on your natural lash cycle, aftercare, and the skill of your technician. 

Is it worth having eyelash extensions?

Lash extensions can get pretty expensive, but if you don’t enjoy applying mascara every day, their effect might be worth it. At Lilac St., our gorgeous DIY lash extensions give the same dramatic effects as professional extensions but are significantly more affordable.  

How do you brush eyelash extensions?

To brush your lashes, you’ll need a clean mascara wand. The traditional, fluffy nylon wands are best. First, detangle your lashes by brushing them from above, starting at the base of the lash line. Pull the wand through to the tips with a gentle wiggle. Afterward, you can brush them again gently from below to help them curve upwards. `


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