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5 Reasons to Ditch the Salon for At-Home Lash Extensions

1. Same Look, Save $$$

Get the lash looks you’re craving, but keep your wallet safe. While salon extensions can cost anywhere from $150-300/month, Lilac St. lashes are as little as $6/set (through the Lash Club Subscription), so you can refresh your lashes every week for just $24/month. That’s hundreds of dollars back in your pocket each month.


2. Love for Your Natural Lashes

While salon cyanoacrylate glues (which are in the same category as superglues… scary!) are known to cause breakage, our award-winning, one-of-a-kind formulas are made with acrylate copolymers (the same category as skin-safe surgical glues) and packed with lash-loving ingredients to promote your natural lash health. Choose from our beginner-friendly Lilac Lash Glue or our expert-grade PRO Lash Glue to match your lash needs.

3. 10-min Application Lasts All Week Long

Application is quick and easy, even for beginners. No more appointment commutes and hour-long fills. In just 10 minutes, you can have flawless lashes that last all week, all from the comfort of your home.


4. Express Yourself with a Range of Styles

Stop leaving the fate of your lashes in someone else’s hands. At Lilac St., we understand lashes are more than an adornment–they’re a part of your self-expression. So we created a range of styles to match every mood you’re in. From ethereal and natural to dark and dramatic, you’ll find a lash map that feels like YOU.

5. Instant Confidence Boost

Say goodbye to shedding and half-missing sets while waiting for your next fill, and keep the power of transformation right at your fingertips. Lilac St.’s Starter Kits make starting your DIY lash extension journey easier than ever, so you can get a confidence boost (aka a fresh set) anytime you need.

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Deluxe Starter/Travel Kit



Everything you need for the full Lilac St. Lash Experience 

3 sets of lashes (30 lash clusters)

Black PRO Lash Glue

Lilac Lash Crystal Coat

Ciao for Now Lash Remover

Lilac Lash Conditioning Primer

Lilac Lash Applicator

Travel Case

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